Eddie Chen and Todd Powers here.  We co-founded a company (along with John Masui) called Trufflesoft to do iPhone/iPad apps.  You can see our first app called xSolve in the app store, and we have a few in the pipeline.

For iOSdevcamp2010 we decided to do a head to head tank game.  The concept is for a person with an iPad to be able to have a little fun with someone else who might not have an iPad.  The game is set up such that the players each have their controls on one side of the iPad.  You control movement using the sliders to control left and right tread movement, and the red button is to fire.  Later we plan to extend the game to include other gameplay styles.

Look for it in the appstore later on!  (and of course we'll do a real webpage for it then :-) )

eddie.chen @ gmail dotcom
todd.s.powers @ gmail dotcom
(construct the email addresses as necessary...sorry, you know how that spam thing is...)