Hi there. My name is Edd Biddulph and I'm a software developer. My interests include realtime and offline graphics (particularly raytracing and physically-based light transport), and animation. I also have an interest in graphic design, which I am starting to learn bits about here and there.

    This site consists of a collection of software I have created after being inspired to do so through studying the work of others. The vast majority of content is focused on aspects of a technical nature, but I have tried to add nice pictures and videos where I can.

    You can email me: eddbiddulph@googlemail.com.
    You can follow my Twitter: @eddbiddulph.
    I also have a profile on Shadertoy.
    Sometimes I use Processing and I have uploaded a few things to OpenProcessing.

    GPaint - a geometry painting tool

    Beam - a pathtracing renderer