Community College basics


Basic Guidelines of taking College Classes at Folsom Lake College while Still in High School

  1. The courses must be ones that we don’t offer here at Smith Flat or there is an irreconcilable conflict with our schedule (i.e. you need both Math Analysis and Spanish 3—offfered here at the same time. You can take Spanish at the JC. )
  2. Students must be at least 16 years old or have completed 10th grade (The college will be very strict on this due to heavy enrollment ) 
  3. The courses must be level 300 or higher and must be CSU/UC transferable.  You can take level 100 –299, but they will not count towards high school credits and will not count towards a college degree, they are considered remedial. 
  4. High School students must have a demonstrated maturity and academic record such that they are qualified to be taking college classes in an adult college setting. I must sign off on the application. 
  5. The minimum g.p.a. for academic achievement is 2.7 (B– average), but we need to sign off on each course taken. 
  6. Students must complete the Folsom Lake College “Advanced Education” application
  7. Students can only take two courses in any given semester.