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Wine & Cheese Harvest Gathering - 2014

On Sunday, September 21st, friends and supporters of The School Sisters of Notre Dame Educational Center for Women gathered for the annual Wine & Cheese Harvest. We were grateful to be joined by so many good people, without whom we would not be able to complete the important work that we do. In case you missed it, here is some video of this year's event - we were honored to be joined by the Queen and King of our annual Mardi Gras - Clorinda Antonucci of JCM Business Solutions and Nick Mascia of Mallory Alexander International Logistics - and we were especially happy to welcome State Assemblywoman Cathy Nolan and United States Congressman Joseph Crowley.

The 2014 Wine & Cheese Harvest

Congressman Joe Crowley has a long association with the School Sisters of Notre Dame as his aunt has been a member of the order for over 50 years. We were very happy that Congressman Crowley and Assemblywoman Nolan took time from their busy schedule to join us at our friendly gathering.

Clorinda Antonucci of JCM Business Solutions and Nick Mascia of Mallory Alexander International Logistics - our Queen and King of the 2014 Mardi Gras joined us and expressed how important they feel the work that SSNDEC does. 

We were joined by one of our students, Cameel, who thanked everyone who had gathered for their hard work and their support - she feels empowered by her time at the center and says the experience has prepared her to face whatever challenges lay ahead for her.