Welcome to the Experimental Design Concepts in CUREs
Special Interest Group (SIG)!

Evidence within the bioeducation literature indicates that student engagement in inquiry-driven, investigative scientific practices enhances development of reasoning and process skills in the discipline. Likewise, aspects of the affective domain of learning are influenced as students within this population report an increased interest in pursuing STEM careers and desire to conduct scientific research. While this is the case, few studies have explicitly examined the extent to which faculty introduce and discuss various experimental design concepts within the context of their classrooms.

In this SIG, we will:

  • discuss what elements of experimental design are currently emphasized within course-based undergraduate research experiences (CUREs),
  • explore the motivations driving these choices, and
  • share solutions to common challenges.

Our inaugural meeting will occur on Friday, July 27th, at the 2018 SABER conference and will be facilitated by Melissa Rowland-Goldsmith and David Esparza.

We are looking forward to seeing you as part of the SIG meeting during SABER 2018!