Edcamp Ohio Valley 2017 is an un-conference where educators from the Ohio Valley area will build their Professional Learning Network through face-to-face discussion and collaboration. And the best part is that it is FREE!

This is a professional learning experience for anyone interested in education! Pre-service teachers, administrators, elementary teachers, interventionists, professors, unified arts specialists, counselors, ANYONE WITH AN INTEREST IN EDUCATING CHILDREN!

Susan Fox-Nolte, scnolte@k12.wv.us
Leah Stout, lmstout@k12.wv.us
Michelle Dietrich, mdietric@k12.wv.us
Janey Myers-Eikey, jeikey@k12.wv.us
Jessica Broski-Birch, jbroski@k12.wv.us
Holly Stillion, hstillion@k12.wv.us
Susan Huntley, slhuntley@k12.wv.us