Be one of the point zero zero eight three repeating percent. 

Come to EdCamp NH.

August 15th, 2012

NHTI Campus, Concord NH


Register at edcampnh.eventbrite.com.


(It’s free.)

(It’s also awesome.)



What is EdCamp NH?

It’s a conference. Sort of.

More about that down-page. But for the moment, let’s call it a one-day conference taking place on August 15th, at the NHTI campus in Concord, NH.

It’s for educators and staff working in primary, secondary, and college settings.

Part of the idea here is that it’s unfortunate that K-12 teachers and college instructors have so few common conferences on technology and learning. Sure, there are differences in what we do, but honestly, we’re going to do a lot better if we pool our knowledge on what works and what doesn’t. The dream is college professors and K-12 staff and educational technologists getting together to steal each other’s best ideas – in technology, project-based learning, net-enabled pedagogy  – and hopefully learning a bit more about each other’s contexts in the process.

College educators learning about the neat stuff going on in K-12. K-12 educators seeing the neat stuff going on at the college level. All of us talking about ways to do it better. Sounds cool, right?

It’s about technology, learning-by-doing, and twenty-first century skills.

Technology is likely to be a heavy focus, but the larger theme of the conference is how we teach in a net-enabled world.  How can we use technology to make learning experiences more authentic? What are we doing with technology in the schools currently? Are we teaching students to work in ways the modern world requires? How are we doing that? How are we assessing that? And just what exactly should we be teaching students when facts are just a Google search away?  Keep in mind these sessions aren’t just theoretical, they are practical, practitioner to practitioner sessions – the most common format of a session is “Here’s what I’m doing in my classroom. Let’s talk about it.”

It’s free.

There is such a thing as a free lunch. It’s at EdCamp. You get it with your free registration. If things go well, it might be next to the free T-shirt that you wear to all the free sessions. (Is this becoming clear at all? The conference is free.)

It’s a conference. Sort of.

OK – back to that first part. It starts with a conference kickoff. There will be a conference lunch. There will be multiple conference sessions in multiple rooms. For all intents and purposes it’s a conference.

Here’s the difference: The participants will provide the content. (Not all the participants. But the brave ones.)

In the morning, after everybody snacks on muffins and downs coffee, we will put up a big bulletin board and put out a bunch of index cards. If you have something you can show people – a project, a technique, a tool, a neat trick – you write it on a card and book yourself a room and time on the board. You can even decide you would just like to lead a discussion on an issue. The point is to get that peer to peer sharing going that is the true lure of any conference, and to help you make connections with other professionals who can help you in your daily work.

If you are interested in how this has worked in other settings, look up “unconference” in Wikipedia, or check out the website of the first EdCamp, EdCamp.


Then save the date (August 15, 2012) and sign up at edcampnh.eventbrite.com. There's no obligation -- just let us know if you change your mind later.

Um, what was that “point zero zero eight three repeating percent” thing about then?

Oh, right. We have a little over a hundred seats at the conference, which represents about 0.0083% of the NH population. It’s a worthless and frankly suspicious statistic. You shouldn’t trust it. But it’s a reminder to get your ticket now, before the conference fills up. (Did I mention it was free?)