PR electronics’ new product return policy
Whenever a customer has reason to return one of PR electronics’ products, the process should be as quick and easy as possible. Therefore, based on your comments in our latest customer survey, 2017 started with a new procedure for returns. read more...

ICONICS at SPS IPC DRIVES 2016 - Making the Invisible Visible


BETA II of ICONICS 10.95 released. Developer can register and download it here. MobileHMI 10.95 support 3D graphic now on Windows Mobile and Hololens.

Application Examples

TR30-G Tablet Recorder  Web-enabled DAQ System

PR 9000 series brochure - get an overview of products and solutions

Widest range with fewest variants

The PR 9000 series offers you the widest range of multifunctional I.S. interfaces with fewest variants. Each product is easy to use and service, and naturally fully SIL compliant. This makes them ideal in more critical industries such as chemical, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and energy. They are intuitively easy to configure using the detachable communication interfaces and can be installed on a standard DIN rail, a Power rail or by using backplane solutions.

Multi-functional transmitters 

provide more flexibility and less need for spare parts


Each of PR's exceptional multifunctional devices accepts a wide variety of input types and provides an equally wide range of outputs - covering hundreds of applications.

All devices are designed for long-term signal accuracy, low power consumption, and immunity to electrical noise.


Easy programming - no manual needed

Through the detachable, intuitive, intelligent operator interfaces 4511 and 4501, you can access and manage your devices in seconds; making configuration, simulation and troubleshooting easy and simple.

See the range...

Want to publish software to all platforms?

Make your software as Server / Client capable!

Global cloud solution can publish your windows application software to all platforms including Windows, Windows RT, Windows Phone, iOS, Mac, Linux, Android without re-engineering. Easy and fast.

GO-Global Provides Military with Fast, Secure Access to Graphics-intensive UNIX Apps over Low-Bandwidth Links U.S. Department of Defense read more...

Want to be Partner?
Our partner have advantage of helps and supports from EDA International shown below.
  • SCADA Software Training 
    To train the partners to develop SCADA project from the ground such OPC server and hardware connectivity, SCADA including graphic, alarm, trend, data logging, reporting, networking, security and more.
  • Technical support
    To support the partners to provide solution, information and fix error.
  • Special price for Software.


Feel free to sending your request, question, etc. at info@eda.co.th
We will making response shortly with all best.


Products: Software
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Create your own KPIWorX Symbol


Connect BACNet device using ICONICS BACNet connector in GENESIS32 system.
BACNet Connector is Add-on of GENESIS32. It is cheaper than BACNet OPC Server.

MobileHMI: Online Demo
Trying MobileHMI online on your PC/Tablet/Smart phone by clicking on the picture below. MobileHMI client running on any device supporting HTML5. You can monitor and control your process anywhere anytime.
  • https://www.mobilehmi.com/anyglass/projects/AppHub.ag


Alarm with voice on GENESIS32 SCADA with free toolkit.

GENESIS32 Voice Alarm Toolkit

Use Excel as SCADA

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