Twisted Logic

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This is a chess engine from the Philippines. You will need a Graphical User Interface to play it comfortably but you could play in it in console mode as long as you know the commands used in the protocol used.


I started writing this chess engine on March 2007. I will try to develop it to become stronger. The goal of this engine is to be the strongest chess playing entity in the world. I'm obviously a dreamer, and I dream big.


This program is an offspring of the copulation of my own ideas and the ideas I've got from reading the source code of other chess engines out there. There is no warranty of any kind. Downloading and installing it is at your own risk. Please read the included readme file for more information.

Twisted Logic 20100131x - 31 January 2010 

Twisted Logic book - Polyglot format

Contact me: ed underscore apostol at yahoo dot com

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, bug reports, tournament results, test games or any feedback about my chess engine, don't hesitate to send me an e-mail. I will try to answer them all.