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The Story

Hannibal is developed by Sam Hamilton and Edsel Apostol. It has shared the same genes as Twisted Logic at its infancy and has mutated into a different and stronger entity when genetically combined with the LearningLemming genes.

The Inner Workings

Hannibal is a state-of-the-art UCI chess engine that uses alpha beta as the main search algorithm with various computer chess specific heuristics. It implements YBWC for SMP and it uses a magic bitboard representation to represent internal data. It supports the Polyglot book format.

The Playing Style

Hannibal is a strategic player and relies on its very selective search, good endgame knowledge and an understanding of material imbalances. Hannibal is also an aggressive king attacker and is willing to sacrifice material for the initiative on king attacks. It also has understanding of fortresses and trapped pieces along with other standard chess engine knowledge like mobility, pawn structure, and passed pawns. Hannibal's time management is optimized for the Fischer time controls.

The Team


Sam Hamilton is the Chief Technical Officer for a small research and development company where he works on predictive and course of action generation algorithms along with a number of related technologies.  He is also author of the LearningLemming chess engine.

Edsel Apostol used to work as an R&D Telecommunications Software Engineer for Nokia Networks and  Samsung Mobile, and has worked as a professional game developer, and part-time college instructor. He is now an Expert Software Engineer working with a financial software company that caters for the financial institutions around the world. He used to play chess competitively but didn't find enough time to pursue it further. He is also the author of the Twisted Logic chess engine.

Book and Testing

Audy Arandela is a chess enthusiast that works with the Hannibal opening book and do some testing as well. You can download two of his books below.

The Future

Hannibal is still a work in progress and the authors plan to implement more things like Chess960, Persistent Hash, Learning, GUI, etc.

Contact Us

Our e-mail address can be found in the readme file.