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Vehicle Appraisals

Once your collector vehicle is finished, you'll want to have it's market value appraised. This gives you - and insurance companies - a third party valuation that can be used to determine payout in case of damage or theft. It a mandatory part of owning any significant vehicle: It just that simple.
Searching for a qualified, trained and well-experienced appraiser however, is not that simple. I've had the same car appraised by two different appraisers and they've been $20,000 apart! It's imperative that you get someone that not only SAYS they are qualified, but has the experience and the training  required. The appraisal should, at a minimum, come with several comparisons, good photo's and detailed notes of the car, in order to make a strong case of why your car is worth what you say it's worth.
In searching for an appraiser, you really need to do your homework.
I've recently been introduced to Oceanside Appraisals, located on Vacouver Island in BC. The owner, David Sampson, has a resume that exudes experience and is a fine example of what you should look for when searching for someone to appraise your car.
Specialty Vehicle Association of BC (SVABC) member
$18,000 worth of Automotive literature at his disposal
Has appraised in excess of 100 vehicles on Vancouver Island alone
Has personally owned and maintained over 48 vehicles
Completed 8 “body off frame” retorations, personally completing all aspects of restoration work including, frame, bodywork, paint, engine rebuilding, transmission rebuilding, driveline theory and  restoration, suspension and brake restoration.
Completed engine swaps between various vehicles and has built drivelines to suit these vehicles.
Body panel forming & constructon expert from sheet steel, with experience in welding with MIG, TIG, and Oxyacetylene.
Vehicles he's restored have been featured in many car shows in AB, and BC and has won Awards for restorationquality.
Involved in most aspects of common custom car manufacture and practice, including Hot Rod/Street Rod/Rat Rod.
Licenced as an automotive instrument tech, and tachograph card reader and instrument installer for the fleet trucking industry.
Employed to troubleshoot and diagnose client automotive electronic problems
Full understanding of code reader theory and OBD 2 diagnostics for electronic injection and computer driven automotive systems
As well, David has extensive seat experience, possessing a competition drivers licence, has driven and raced Formula Ford open wheel cars and is also a Jim Russell Race Drivers School graduate!
The Appraisal document done by Oceanside Appraisers is a 10-12 page digital appraisal that covers all aspects of the car, itspast and present condition, taking into account recent investments and changes to the vehicle. The Appraisal includes a valuation certificate with photography of a professional quality in digital full color, printed on photo quality paper that insurance companies will need to approve insurance. If available, a pictorial history of the build process is included, as well as pictures of frame and under body condition. A full VIN decoding is also provided and verification of body and drivetrian #s for matching purposes. Pertinent vehicle production information is included in his appraisal, such as copies of build sheets from the factory floor during vehicle production. 
Prices for David's extensive auto appraisal services start at $200.00CDN/US and may just be the most important expenditure of any vehicle restoration.

Oceanside Auto Appraisal is recognised by most major insurance companies. While the appraisal is furnished on CD, copies can also be emailed for speed and will be sent directly to insurance companies upon request. 

Questions about appraisals? In British Columbia and need an appraisal? Want to fly David out to have him appraise your significant vehicle and/or collection? Call him or check out his website at the link below!
David Sampson – Owner/Appraiser
Classic, Collector and Special Interest Motor Vehicles

Cell: 250-927-4634   Email: