BendPak's 4 POST LIFT  HD9SXT                             

  • 9,000-lb. maximum lifting capacity
  • Freestanding design
  • Narrow-width
  • High-rise
  • Perfect for parking, storage and service
  • Runways accommodate narrow and standard vehicles
  • Runways include rail-kit for optional accessories
  • Electric / hydraulic power system
  • Single hydraulic cylinder mounted underneath runway
  • Fully enclosed lifting cables, safety locks and sheaves
  • Internal anti-sway slider blocks in each column
  • Oversized self-lubricating cable rollers
  • Features heavy-duty 3/8" aircraft cable
  • Rugged 1-1/4" roller axles
  • Multi-position safety locks in each column
  • Adjustable lock ladders
  • Runways feature non-skid surface                                               BENDPAK HD-9 XTW
  • Push-button pneumatic safety release
  • Independent backup slack-cable safety latches
  • Customizable power unit location
  • Removable approach ramps for additional drive-under clearance
  • Longer approach ramps for low-ground clearance vehicles
  • Optional 4,500-lb. air / hydraulic rolling jacks available (Model RJ-45)
  • ETL Approved
       I have this lift and can tell you from personal experience - as well as reading hundreds of first-person accounts on various internet forums
    and sites, this lift will safely and very capably take care of all your lifting needs, whether long-term storage or doing any type of repairs.
      For ultimate usefullness, order a sliding jack for easy lifting of the front or rear ends.
    One more trick item: BendPak and E-tek where on the cutting edge of on-board air technology for lifts. This item stores enough air to release the locks without having to fire-up the compressor. Great for those times you just want your ride down without having to run and wait for air from your main air-source! The unit pictured is the actual testing prototype. The production units are black and easy-to-install untis. Contact BendPak today!

    Top-End Roller from Ranger

  • Extra-wide body design
  • Brushed aluminum drawer handles
  • Chrome side handles
  • Electrostatic triple-baked protective powder coat
  • Glossy red finish
  • Rubber drawer liners
  • Full-extension / full-width drawers
  • Rolled edges for added strength and rigidity
  • Protective lacquered wood top
  • Full-extension ball bearing drawer slides
  • Tumbler key-lock pivot drawer latching system
  • Durable roll-cage continuous beam construction
  • 2 Heavy-duty fixed urethane casters
  • 2 Heavy-duty swivel urethane casters with brake
    All BendPak and Ranger products are available in Canada from Babco Tools ( and in the US from GregSmith Equipment ( Check either one for their latest specials.

    Other IMPORTANT stuff!
    Two of the most important things you need in your shop (more important than the actual shop even) are tools and knowledge. Like many of you reading this, I've spent a good amount of time (and money!) aquiring both. Currently, many tools are much less expensive than they used to be - partially due to the Chinese and partially due to competition. But the best investment can also be the least expensive - Knowledge is for the taking from books, magazines and especially today, the Internet. Most magazines  now supplement their paper with web pages - and some of my  favourite sources of info and inspiration are on the right. Check through their sites and join their forums. There's tons of information - and access to eperience throughout.
    Of course the key is putting those learnings into practice. I  I learned many things growing up in my Dad's body shop- but I had never rebuilt an entire engine or cut off and replaced an entire quater panel until much later. The key, I have found, is to take your time, break it into smaller undertakings and keep doing it until you've done it right!
    Below are some items I wouldn't want to be without:

    PARTS WASHER - I bought the smaller, bench-top variety, but I'd suggest you buy the larger one if you have room.  Use Caution! You'll get a lot of splash-back, so make sure you wear coveralls, or at least an old sweater, as well as eye protection when washing stuff off - That, or smell like S**T for days!!  

     OXY-ACETYLENE torch/welder - this a must-have for any home resto worker. While a MIG may be easier to use for actual welding, you can't beat the all around ability of the O-A welder. It's a softer weld too. You'll use it for all kinds of welding, stubborn nuts and bolts, shaping metal and much more.

    Engine Hoist - Wether or not you're going to rebuild engines, the best restorations start with a full teardown. The more you remove, the nicer the end result.  Hoists have also gotten inexpensive - it just doesn't pay to rent.

    Hand Tools - Of course if you're into cars you're into tools, and hand tools are the place to start. You can buy them all at once in a huge package or little by liitle in kits like these. Of course once you're all tooled up, you'll want to start looking at some air tools!

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