I came into this beautiful survivor via a great freind, Hubert, who recently passed. His family, knowing our shared love for the truck, allowed me buy it and carry on it's stewardship. I'm very fortunate to have known Hubert and to have his truck now. I plan to keep it in running shape and making some mechanical improvements, but - as Hugh wanted - leaving it in it's original Patina of Green and rust. It just seems right.
Many of the restoration processes are done through partnerships with parts and tool companies that make and develop the pieces that are offered to the general public. For example, the brake system was initially a basic drum brake copy of a later model. With our input, the company was able to change a few small parts and rce tohers to make a fully 1946 specific variation. This version is being certified as a concours edition parts kit for the 1946 Fordand Mercury 1/2ton.
Completed 2004:
- Chrome grille added, but have original nickel-only finished grill
 Completed 2005:
- all brakes and brake lines rebuilt
- wiring for lights reworked
- turn signals added
Completed 2006:
- gauges reworked by hand
- vacuum wiper system removed for rebuild
Completed 2007:
 - heads milled, new gaskets and head studs inserted, bolts and inserts re-threaded
- starter rebuilt and ignition system reworked
- 8 blade fan and shroud
Completed 2009:
- original 1946 mill removed for rebuild.
- 1953 mill rebuilt and inserted
- 3 speed transmission opened, measured and re-sealed
- manifolds and exhaust rebuilt and preserved.