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I've been in the business of cars - both professionally and as a hobby -  my entire life. My father was a master mechanic and painter, arriving in Canada from Germany and opening his own shop in 1963. It was there that I learned body, paint and  mechanical work, done to European Standards.
    To say that my father was a perfectionist is a real understatement. He trained with Mercedes and Jaguar before coming to Canada to specialize in those marquees before branching out into all other makes. He made sure those European Standards were instilled in me as well.
   Over my the years, my interests evolved into restoration, rodding and resto-moding, as well as racing and customizing. But it was my education in the sciences that led me to see things from a different POV that would change the way I saw vehicle repair and how I used the materials and tools of the trade.
   Like many of you, I've had many project cars of my own -  both foreign and domestic. From Datsun to MOPAR and 'Stangs  (and the ones that got away!). In 2003, I decided to get serious and turn my hobby into a quest for "restoration perfection"! 
   I am continually looking for new ways to make the restoration process better: from finding new materials and tools to work with, to honing my skills in metalwork, paint, interior work and mechanics. Much of that process can be seen by following the links here.

As well, check out links to many projects I've completed, or are in progress. Take your time  - and if you ever have a comment or question, please contact me!
Ed Danneberg
E-tek Restorations


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Tools I use

 '67 Galaxie500XL

'46 Mercury

'74 Dodge Challenger

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Garage Journal.com

Chili Hill posing with our 1967 Ford Galaxie 390 Convertible

Mrs E-tek with our '67 Galaxie

and with the 1956 Chevrolet 3100 Truck restored in 2012

Mrs E in 1956 Chevrolet Stepside


FULL E-tek Restoration!
Complete metal rebuild
Show-car restoration
Complete Overhaul
windshield pillar repair

the classic sportscar
Test it BEFORE you install it!

Mrs. E-tek:

Way-Cool Wife!

E-tek Racing & Restorations resides in a 1000 square foot shop, loaded with the tools and equipment needed to take any vehicle from rusted hulk 
to car show hero, or, 
from plodder to speedster.

From planning, through bodywork, paint, interior, suspension and mechanical, I finish them to an AWARD-WINNING level. All my builds are recorded and posted to make-specific web-sites and forums.

For example, the Chilli-Challenger show-winning MOPAR can be seen here:


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Ed Danneberg
E-tek Restorations
Saskatoon, SK