I am a computer science researcher, specialist in agent-based models for exploration of natural and social complex systems.

I use to work at Healint Pte, a Singaporean based startup, as tech & research lead. The focus of the company is to propose solutions for patient remote monitoring using the smartphone. My responsibilities here was to provide and implement the technical vision and especially provide analytics. Specifically, I used raw data provided by the phone sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope, luminosity, gps, wifi, etc) to determine the user behaviour and derive insights about his quality of life in terms of stress level, sleep patterns, activity, social interactions, etc.

My academic research focuses on the study of complex system (ecologicial and sociological) through agent-based models in close interaction with domain experts.
During my post-doctorate, I worked on the SMACH project (EDF R&D and UPMC - LIP6) which aims to study the everyday life activities of households and their relations to electricity consumption. I link the existing household activity model with a thermodynamical one. I also provided an interaction model between the households individuals and the environment in order to take into account inhabitant thermal comfort both as an individual and as a group.

During my PhD, I worked on methods to investigate ecological models through agent-based models. I applied my proposals on the study of avian influenza propagation and persistence mechanisms at the local level (village) in Vietnam. The produced models were iteratively co-developed and used by epidemiologists, veterinarians and other field experts.

Some news :
- 27/12/13 The paper "Coupling occupant behaviour with a building energy model - An FMI application" written with GIlles Plessis (EDF R&D) has been accepted to the Modelcia'14 conference. It describe my previous work at EDF from the thermodynamic side point of view.
- 09/12/13 We (healint) just concluded the 100 days of JFDI accelerator with the incredible Demo day. You can watch Veronica's pitch of the company.
- 01/07/13 I am joining a new and exciting project in healthcare which integrates human activity modelling... more to come soon!
- 08/04/13 Our paper "SMACH : Simuler l’activité humaine pour une meilleure gestion de l’énergie" has been accepted to the JFSMA (french) conference.
- 20/03/13 Our paper "Simulating Human Activities to Investigate Household Energy Consumption" has been selected to be part of the ICAART post-proceedings
- 15/03/13 The Simtools 2013 workshop was really interesting and quite a success with more than 40 persons attending. I also presented the work of a colleague in Hanoi (Arnaud Grignard) with whom I co-authored a paper called : "Online analysis and visualization of agent based models".
- 04/03/13 I am currently in Singapore to attend the conference "A Crude Look at the Whole" which has been already quite interesting so far (including a talk by R. Axelrod)
- 01/03/13 The SimTools workshop had quite a few submissions on spatial simulation plus we will have three keynote speakers: Cécile Tannier, Nicolas Bécu and Antoine Spicher 
- 15/02/13 Both demo papers (GAMA and SMACH) at AAMAS'13 have been accepted!
- 30/01/13 CFP for the SimTools "Des outils libres pour la conception et l'analyse de simulations à base d’agents" workshop that will take place in Paris on the 15/03/13 has been sent. Submission deadline is set on 28/02/13
- 28/01/13 Our Paper "Dynamic organisation of the household activities for energy consumption simulation" has been accepted at PAAMS, 22-24/05/13.
- 23/01/13 We submitted a demo paper of the GAMA simulation platform to the AAMAS'13 demo track. You can check the associated video at http://youtu.be/6m_-UY8UBuk
- 15/01/13 We submitted a demo paper for the SMACH project to the AAMAS'13 demo track (I will post the demo video later on).
- 18/01/13 We presented the SMACH project at the Université Paris Sud "CSIS days". You can have a look at the poster here.
- 15/10/12 Our paper "Simulating Human Activities to Investigate Household Energy Consumption" has been accepted at ICAART, 15-18/02/13. I will be there along T. Huraux.

Contact information:
    Ayer Rajah Crescent Singapore
    Sigapore 13995