Welcome to the ED722 Course ! 

Ian O'Byrne will be facilitating this course with the help and support of Verena Roberts (more information about Verena can be found HERE).

This is a course  to introduce you to emerging trends, issues and practices in online learning. This course is designed around experiencing online learning while providing enough scaffolding to support you in creating personalized learning pathways. The goal is to encourage you to experience a wide variety of online learning opportunities so that you can best facilitate other educators based on your experiences. While there are weekly course expectations and guidelines, the learning you construct will be determined by what you put into this course. This course has integrated formal and informal assignments and assessments in order for you to demonstrate evidence of your learning.

Each week is one stage in the process of experiencing online learning. We will be integrating different online learning opportunities throughout the course:
 In week 4 we will be joining the DLMOOC (Deeper Learning Massive open Online Course) as an ITDML Team. We will integrate their weekly themes into our own syllabus.

You will also have networked opportunities to learn with other educators like the University of Alaska in Week 7 and the Gamifi-ED Project in Weeks 7-9.

Between the course design and the networked learning opportunities, you will are encouraged to personalize your learning journey.

The different parts of the course can be found in pages in the left hand column:

  • An updated course syllabus can be found HERE

  • The  Course Assignments can be found HERE and the competency based badges can be found HERE.

  • Each week begins on a Monday. You will find an updated calendar below and course schedule HERE. 

  • The ED722 Google Community can be found by clicking HERE

  • Please use the Weekly Modules to find the Weekly Course Content and Directions found in the left hand column.

  • For extra support, including videos to describe how to use this site, please click on Extra Support in the left hand column.

  • In order to learn in a networked environment, we will be participating in the DLMOOC (Deeper Learning Massive Open online Course) as the ITDML Team. The DLMOOC starts Jan 20. More information can be found HERE

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