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ED 703 --- Educational Technology Leadership

Teachers engaging in professional growth and taking a leadership role relating to the appropriate and effective integration of technology into education.

                                        Schedule for our 1-semester (15 hr) Credit.
Three on-site meetings (total 9 hrs):
 Two virtual collaborations (total 6 hrs)
  • Virtual Session #1 (to be completed between Sessions 1 & 2)
  • Virtual Session #2 (to be completed between sessions 2 & 3)
  • Tools: Google Hangouts, Docs, Chat, Groups, other ...

Specific topics to be addressed:
  1. Strategies, challenges, and solutions regarding taking a leadership role in integrating technology (essential conditions).
  2. NETS*S (educational tech standards for Students) as they apply to one’s grade level and/or curricular area
  3. NETS*T (educational tech standards for Teachers) as they apply to one’s grades level and/or curricular area
  4. Use of the TPACK model to integrate technology into teaching and learning (proven, effective strategies).
  5. BYOT (bring your own technology). If students and teachers were allowed to bring their devices into the classroom, how could they be used to address the above standards? Bring your own and we’ll work through various strategies.
  6. Technology and alternative education (distance education, online schools, blended learning, flipping the classroom)