For this project, we are going to use Google Sites (which this is ;-) to create a collaborative
CyberSafety resource for educators.  Each project/site will address each of the six topics listed below. In this way, we are not only learning about important issues surround CyberSafety in education, but you will learn how to use Google Sites as a collaboration tool!

The six topics of CyberSafety we will be researching:

 Identity Safety Cyberbullying         Cyber Predators
 Piracy & Plagiarism Inappropriate Content Social Networks

YouTube Video

The CyberSafety site will contain the following:
  •     A main page describing the project with at least one picture and/or video

    Six topic pages that will contain:
  •         Definition of the topic
  •         Discuss the safety/legal issue
  •         Provide tips for students (at least 3)
  •         Provide tips for educators (at least 3)
  •        Provide tips for parents (at least 3)
  •         Three resource links for the topic
  •         An embeded video 
NOTE: I wold love to have a CyberSafety Site in Spanish!!  This would be a valuable resource for San Diego County parents!

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