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HKBCLA eMuseum

Hong Kong Building Control and Land Administration (HKBCLA) e-Museum

There are many different museums in Hong Kong, yet none of them presents the
history of building control and land administration. The history of Hong Kong and the
evolution of building forms in Hong Kong cannot be understood without the background
knowledge of building control and land administration. Furthermore, building control and land
administration in Hong Kong are very interesting and inspiring. For example, we have ample
experience in granting land of leasehold interests, and in common ownership of high-rise
buildings managed by covenants, etc. I have taught land administration course for more than
10 years and the following materials and cases study have been found very useful by my
students. I would like to share my collected materials with those who are interested in the
historical development of building and land administration in Hong Kong. Ten e-books are
now available for your reference. Hopefully, one day a real museum can be established. For
any queries, please feel free to contact me at my blog at http://hk.myblog.yahoo.com/ecyyiu
Chung Yim YIU
31 October 2006
22 August 2007 (r3)
24 February 2009 (r4)