5 Sociocultural exchanges and global interactions at the local scale

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Glocalisation of Starbucks concept - Cafe Shtoor Bratislava

This is where the real discussion about the impacts of globalisation is centred. How do societies interact with the broader processes of globalisation? Do they adopt, adapt or resist?

What is culture? And what are the processes of cultural diffusion and integration?

How has the spread of certain cultures through diaspora led to the preservation of these cultures by migrants and the adoption of these cultures in host countries?

Can we see the impact of cultural diffusion on even the remotest indigenous societies?

QUESTION - Describe and analyse the impact of cultural diffusion on the culture of the Penan through the impact of international interactions.

What is the role of TNCs and the media in spreading consumer culture?

How have global interactions impacted on a local scale? Glocalisation as opposed to globalisation.

Can globalisation lead to a resurgence in nationalism as a response?

- Discuss the idea that global interactions lead to a dilution and homogenisation of culture.
Is globalisation just cultural imperialism?

What is the anti - globalisation movement?

What are the alternatives? non-globalised society, or civil society supporting local economic activity and strengthening local cultural values.

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Mapping Slovak Facebook user's friends

Chapters 5 and 8 - Globalisation by Simon Oates
Pages 169 - 185 - IB Study Guide
Chapter 12 "Culture Clash" - Open World by Philippe Legrain
Globalization and culture - Globalization 101 (attached below)


Culture, cultural integration and diffusion

Indigenous societies

TNCs and the Media
See article attached on Slovak celebrity TV.


Responses - nationalism

Discussion of impact on cultures
Global Policy Forum - Globalization of culture

Responses -  anti-globalisation
Peoples Global Action

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