Publishing policy bck

Authors’ participation is subject to the submission and the subsequent acceptance of a short abstract (max 1 page) or a short paper (max 6 pages): they will be both included in a book/e-book of pre-prints to be distributed during the colloquium.
Selected short papers will be refereed for inclusion in a book/e-book of proceedings with ISBN number. Selected abstracts’ authors will be invited to extend their abstracts to a short paper (max 6 pages), that will be refereed for inclusion in proceedings as well.
All accepted abstracts’ and short papers’ authors will be considered for inclusion in international journals and eventually invited to submit a regular paper to the refereeing process of those journals. Short papers and abstracts should include the title of the contribution, the name/s of author/s with their affiliation and email, a group of 3-5 keywords. Short paper structure should include abstract, keywords, introduction, main chapter/s, conclusion, references.

Please use the following guidelines to write your submitted abstract or short paper:
Document format: OpenOffice, MSWord DOC, RTF; Page size: 14 x 21 cm; Margins: upper 2.4 cm; lower 1.8 cm; left 2.1 cm; right 2.1 cm; Header and footer: 1.27 cm from edge; Language: English; Font: Garamond, 12; Line spacing: single; Page numbers: upper right; Quotations: between quotation marks (“ ”); References: Harvard format.
Bold characters should be used only for titles. Underlining should not be used. Italic characters are allowed for subchapters and limited special cases.
Footnotes should be avoided as much as possible and included at the end of the text (endnotes).
Tables and figures should be numbered sequentially with Arabic numerals: (Table 3) (Fig. 7) and their location must be indicated in the text. Images should be prepared in format suitable for publication (preferably jpg with at least 300 dpi).
References should be cited in the text by using the surname/s of author/s and the year of publication in parentheses: Hall (1992) or (Hall, 1992) or (Hall, 1992, p. 25); in case of multiple citations of the same author and year, the year of publication must be followed by a letter (a, b, c, ...).
All cited references must be listed in their original language, providing the English translation of the titles of contributions and volumes, according to Harvard format.

Please submit your works to dr. Claudia Ceppi ( and c/c to