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Extraction with Neutral Grain Spirits (alcohol) which acts as a carrier for whatever is dissolved in it. 
The water, herb's and alcohol in a finished product form an association or complex which can actually show up as a lower amount of alcohol than you started with. 
The dissolved herbal food substances in this kind of liquid are very easily absorbed by the body. In larger quantities, alcohol acts as a stimulant. 
By the glassful, alcohol acts as a depressant to body functions and an intoxicant. This constitutes abuse rather than use. A person can tell the difference.

Dr. William Donald Kelly, author of many books on natural ways to become more healthy, tells us that the human pancreas (principal digestive organ of the body) actually produces a small amount of a natural, neutral alcohol on a constant basis so that we will not freeze. As a further observation, most mouthwashes and deodorants utilize a fairly high percentage of alcohol which acts as a carrier for mouth and breath cleansing substances or deodorant. In many cases, these are extracts of cleansing and aromatic substances. The alcohol acts as a carrier. If a person can use a mouthwash or underarm deodorant, they can probably use an herbal extract without a problem. If they cannot use them without a problem, then they should probably use capsules, tablets or teas.