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       *One or Two Bowl
       *Seven Bowl Session

       *Twenty Bowls Session

       *Special Needs Therapies

       *Warm Water Sound Therapy

       *Group Sound Baths


 *Full Moon Sound Baths

       *Chakra and Aura Clearing Balancing Sound Sessions

       *Herbals, Oils, Gemstones Sound Sessions

       *Ear Sound Sessions - Tinnitus

*Training - How To Play Your Bowls Sessions

       *Ceremonies, Celebrations - Weddings, Funerals, Hospice Comfort 

     *Day Camps for Kids, Teens Sound Sessions

*Home, Land Energy Clearing

  *Pet Dog & You Sound Sessions


       *Yoga & Sound Workshop Series

       *Retreats in Sound Healing + Yoga

       * 45min Savasana Sound Baths

       *Sound Nidra

       *Donation Base Yoga Teacher, Caregiver, Veteran, First Responders 

       *Donation Base Sound Baths

       *Donation Base Private Session


Sound Healing Packages:

Consistency in sessions will aid towards effective resolve, some examples are: addiction, depression, adhd, chronic pain, stress and so on. 

We high recommend no less than 6 sessions, 1 per week and depending on the areas of concern, most likely 9 - 12 sessions, 1 per week.

After your 1st experience, we can design cost saving packages for you as we both will be clearer as what we are working towards accomplishing. 

You will have a few days (3) to decide after your experience to secure your package for us to apply the charge for 1st session towards that package.  

After 3 days, your first session cost will not apply to new packages. 

Are You Looking to Offer Sound Healing in Your Space?

-I am available to come out to your location with OHMazBowls.  

-So Ecstatic to co-create workshops and events together and to offer Savasana Sound Baths to 10+ people.  

-Please contact Poya to discuss what you envision.

-When you click onto the Schedule Now button, you see a 10:1 & 20:1 Soundbath Group Series, if you'd like to incorporate this Series into your classes, workshops, events, trainings & retreats, please take advantage of reserving any of the group series reserving your dates for your own your studios; if the series are reserved, email or call me to discuss dates and time for what you are looking for.  You can reserve and pay on my site for my services, then you can promote through your own software for your clients to reserve with you and pay you for your classes. (Note that the travel and setup & takedown time allotment is included in the timeframe on the schedule.)


1:1, 2:1 Sessions: Location is in Maple Valley, WA. 

Upon your paid reservation booking, you will be emailed the address and directions of location.

10:1, 20:1 Group Sessions: Location To Be Determined (TBD)

Upon reserving at least 5 or more people for the session, we will secure a local location such as yoga studio or similar and will provide the location to you at least 1 week before the session.

OHMazBowls 1:1 Sound Sessions are undescribable; you must experience the bowls to know and feel what they are doing for you.  

We are ecstatic for you to experience OHMazBowls sessions to receive the benefits and feel exactly how powerful sound & vibration is for you to determine the impact towards your well being & healing.  Namaste

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