Children & Family Yoga

Yoga for Kids Classes, there is a Balance between Spontaneity & Structure, so that Kids Learn to Listen to each other as well as Express Themselves Creatively.

Kids Learn Best when they are having Fun!
Yoga for Kids Classes Interweave Story, Song, Games & Poses, enabling children to 
Learn in a Multi-Sensory environment which explores:

Inter-& Intra- Personal Learning

Yoga for Kids is much more Active than Yoga for Adults & much more Fun!

This Nurturing Atomosphere Encourages Kids to Relax & have Fun while they Develop:
Flexibility & Balance, 
Body Awareness, 
Better Focus,
Self Confidence.

Attention Span & Learning Capabilities Vary Based on Age Groups

Breakdown on Age Recommendation & Class Time
AGE       TIME
1-2 - 30 Min Class

2-3 - 30 Min Class

*3-6 - 45 Min Class - *age groups  3-4; 4-5; 5-6 
*7-9 - 45 Min Class 
10-12 (Tweens) - 1 Hour Class

Teenager  - 1 Hour Class 

*Attention Span & Class Theme Differs Per Age Group
Age Group

15 Kids Per Teacher - More Children Require 2nd Teacher Present

Classes are Age Group Specific

Non Heated Room until Kids are 14+

I am Ecstatic to Talk with you in Co-Creating & Teaching Classes / Workshops / Camps
1-9 10-12 (Tweens) * Teenagers

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