What happens after you Click onto...

Online scheduling

-You will be directed to our Schedulicity Sessions, Series, Classes, etc. to browse and reserve your appointment.

-You will see on our Overview page of Ecstatic Dragonfly Healing Arts & Poya.

-After you review our details, you can click onto "Schedule Now", or "Overview" which takes you to our services.

-Menu of Services is everything listed in Alphabetical Order, scroll down & you see categories as well; you can select what interests you and reserve your date and time available for the upcoming month.

-We are creating Classes and Series posted for the upcoming month. 

-Class is a group sound bath or workshop at various locations.

-Series are pre-scheduled cost saving packages of 1:1 sessions, 1 per week.

-If you do not see a time slot offered that works best for your schedule, please contact us, we can customize time and dates that work best for you.

What do the ratios 1:1 mean, etc.. ?  

These ratios reference the quantity of people per session 


1:1 = You : Poya  (Private Session) 

2:1 = You + 1 : Poya  (Youth or Pet + You)

10:1= 10+ people : Poya  (Group of 10 or more)

20:1= 10+ people : Poya  (Group of 20 or more)

10:2 = 10+ people : Poya + Other Instructor (Group + 2 Instructors)


1:1 Private Sound & Vibration Therapies, 

10:1 Sound Baths with Himalayan Tibetan Singing Bowls, 

1:1 Private Specialized Warm Water Sound & Vibration Treatments,

1:1&10:1 Full Moon Sound & Vibration Sessions, 

1:1&10:1 Ceremonial Sound Sessions, 

2:1 PetDog & You Sound Sessions,

2:1 Youth Sound & Vibration Therapies,

1:1 Home, Land Energy Clearing, 

20:1 Retreats & Workshops in Sound Vibration & Yoga Movement


Services = Main Menu of what I offer in Alphabetical Order

Classes = Are 1:1 sessions & Group sessions 10:1, 20:1 offered at yoga studios, other locations (i.e.; sound baths. yoga & sound, etc.)

Series = Are Packaged sessions 1:1 private, or  2:1 sessions that you can save $$$ and lock in your dates for that month at our location in Maple Valley  

Schedule Your Sessions Direct with Ecstatic Dragonfly on Schedulicity

Schedulicity gives you, the client more flexibility to book your own appointments with the professionals you love working with directly, So Easy! 

Schedulicity is a secure site offering direct payment through Square or Stripe.  

Schedulicity is easy to book many other services you may need in your local's a pretty cool program.  

For Group Events, we will either use Schedulicity or the Studios registration systems - check each event for details on registration

Now you are ready to Schedule your session with us on Schedulicity! 

Online scheduling