Meet Poya and Credentials

"As A Teacher, I am Forever a Student"

Paula "Poya" Daniels

Taking a flying leap in a career change after 35+ years in Industrial Distribution & Manufacturing in Southern California, Nevada, Northern California and Seattle, WA;  In 2008, Poya left corporate America and dove into her passion in Health & Wellness by educating herself though certification courses, teaching & practicing in helping others through Yoga, Sound & Vibrational Therapies, Natural Alternatives and in Caregiver.  
Poya is Certifed & Registered Yoga Instructor in diverse lineage of over 1000hrs in training: Essential Yoga Therapy Advanced Studies, Foundations of Yoga Therapy, viniyoga, EYT Low Back Program, Hot Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga, Childrens & FamilyYoga; Poya is recognized by the National Yoga Alliance Registry 
RYT500hr, RYT E-200hr, RYCT, ELBP.

Poya is Certified Level l, ll, lll, lV & V Atma Buti Sound Healing with Himalayan (Tibetan) Chakra Singing Bowls Protocols.

Poya is a Certified Ordained Minister, Certified Spiritual Healer and Diplomat of Earth Stewardship.   

Poya is OhmGrownHerbalist whom specializes in custom Herbal blends for ailments & support in Liquid Extracts and Oils.

Poya continously practices holistic health and wellness on a daily basis by utilizing Natural Organic Non GMO Foods, Herbal Extracts, Essential Oils utilizing  Mother Nature as her Medicine Cabinet & in fueling her energies in her life. 

Poya is a Natural Teacher, Caregiver and Mother. 

20+ years experience in Caregiving; 
Eleven years with my Father, Paralyzed WW11 Navy Veteran .
Six years Mother- Stage lV inflammatory Breast Cancer.
Eight Years of experience in caregiving and working daily and currently with Adult Stroke Survivor with Cognitive Impairment Aphasia.  

Poya is a member of, participates and supports several local & International groups such as: 
International Sound Healers Association, International Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards Congregation (SHES),  Atma Buti Sound Healers, National Aphasia Association, Women of Wisdom Foundation, Yoga Alliance, and Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.), NRA

 Poya is very passionate & enthusiastic in her teaching modalities and embodies this mantra:  
As a Teacher I am forever a Student 

Founder, Creative Director,  Divine Light
Ecstatic Dragonfly LLC
Boulder City, NV

Certifications, Registry, Schools, Teachers & Mentors

Ecstatic Dragonfly Healing Arts
Ecstatic Dragonfly LLC

Boulder City, Nevada

Certified Teacher & Practitioner
Sound Healing with Himalayan Chakra Singing Bowls
ABISAVT  Level 1, 11, 111

Atma Buti (Soul Medicine)
Sound and Vibrational School
Master Teacher - Suren Shrestha

Yoga Alliance Registry


Yoga Alliance Registry ID: 44849


Foundations of Yoga Therapy, Viniyoga
Essential Yoga Therapy
Robin Rothenberg

ELBP - Essential Low Back Program
Essential Yoga Therapy 
Robin Rothenberg

Hot Hatha & Hot Vinyasa Yoga  
Greg Gumucio 
Yoga To the People

Childrens & Family Yoga
Gopala Amir Yaffe
Rainbow Kids Yoga

European "Zone" Reflexology
Tonya Swan
Academy of European Reflexology

Drumming Sound Healing 
Ecstatic Dragonfly Rhythm Circle

Drum Teachers & Mentors 
Simmone LaDrumma
 Bill Matthews
Ubaka Hill
 Barnabus  (Barney)
 WoMN  (Joey)
Sarah Blum

Didgeridoo Teacher & Mentor -  Pamela Mortensen 

Energy Medicine Healing Teacher - Donna Eden

Herbology Teachers
Dr. Watkins Founder of Pure Herbs LTD

Jean Kinnett N.D. Master Herbalist

"Uncle" Alan Pfund  Herbal Chemist & Extraction Specialist 

Sound Healers Association


International Assembly of Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards Congregations

Certified Spiritual Healer, Ordained Minister, Diplomat of Earth Stewardship

Standing Lady