Essential Yoga Therapy

Essential Yoga Therapy
Foundations of Yoga Therapy
Based on the Viniyoga Lineage with core alignment principles drawn from the Iyengar tradition.  500hr program designed by Robin Rothenberg is to take instructors with their RYT200 and Advance them into a vocational level of teaching, capable of working with specialty classes and individuals enabling teachers to cultivate the eye, mind and vocabulary of a yoga therapist through learning how to customize practice.

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 Foundations of Yoga Therapy 

3 month Bridge Program  pre-requisite to

500Hr Teacher Training 

Paula "Poya" Daniels

RYT500, E-RYT200


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Essential Low Back Program


 Robin Rothenberg 

Patanjali Yoga Sūtra Chapter 3 Verse 6
 t a s y a     b h ū m I ṣ u    v I n I y o g a ḥ

tasya - itsbhūmi - stageviniyoga - application

"Its application is in stages"

“The viniyoga of Yoga is about a system to teach to a student,

rather than about students to teach a system to.”
“The viniyoga of Yoga is the art of learning how to practice,
rather than what to practice.”
-Śrī Krishnamacharya

“The spirit of viniyoga is starting from where one finds oneself.
As everybody is different and changes from time to time,
there can be no common starting point,
and ready-made answers are useless.
The present situation must be examined
and the habitually established status must be re-examined.”
– TKV Desikachar

“Śrī Krishnamacharya taught the viniyoga of Yoga or application of Yoga according to state of life, place, time and circumstance to optimise the student’s potential within that situation as seen from his own, forever evolving, innovating and maturing, developmental teaching thread”

“The art of viniyoga presumes that the five application principles of...

what is being taught, 
why it is being taught, 
when it is being taught, 
where it is being taught and especially 
how it is being taught,
are personally applicable and socially relevant to 
who is being taught.”

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Paula "Poya" Daniels




Robin Rothenberg