Sea Glass
One man's treasure but another man's trash

I love sea glass because they exhibit nature's amazing ability to turn humble glass shards into prized gems. 

Sea glass are gifts from nature to those who love the sun, sea and beaches, because these are the elements that crafted them.  Their frosted surface texture reflect years of unique chemistry, which could not be imitated by any artificial means. 

Their range of colors challenge my imagination as to their possible origins. Sea glass never cease to surprise me with how nature's gentle and persistent forces could create something so beautiful.

Though I live in one of the busiest Asian cities, there are outlying islands within reasonable distance that I could visit not infrequently. Strolling along the shore and listening to the waves calm my nerves and sooth my spirit, recharge me with energy and devotion. Sea glass collected on these occasions remind me of my passion in life.

I realized that all of us are in a way similar to sea glass, that hardships we experienced actually shape and polish us into unique gems.