Welcome to East Coast Snow Adventures!  Thanks for stopping by to check us out.

East Coast Snow Adventures teaches new and beginning riders how to snowboard with confidence.  We offer small group lessons tailored to adults and kids.  Our groups ride with an instructor all day.  We are based in northern NJ.

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What Sets Us Apart?
The ECSA advantage is the expertise of our instructors, all of whom have passed challenging certification tests administered by the American Association of Snowboard Instructors, a sister organization of the Professional Ski Instructors of America.  These two governing bodies regulate the standards for professional ski and snowboard instruction in the United States.  When you sign up for a lesson at a ski area, you are not guaranteed to have a certified instructor.  East Coast Snow Adventures believes trained and certified instructors can make the difference between an amazing day out on the slopes or hours or frustration and even injury.

Riding with ECSA is a world apart from taking the typical 90-minute group lesson offered by most ski areas.  That just isn't enough time to teach all the skills riders need to get down the trail successfully.  ECSA provides an instructor the entire time you are at the ski area.  That's right - you ride with a coach all day long!  Our instructors will make sure your equipment is set up properly and show you the best places to ride for your skill level.  We keep our groups small so you get plenty of quality time on the snow.

How Does It Work?
ECSA organizes groups at for first-time riders through advanced beginners for both kids and adults.  We are not affiliated with any particular ski area so we have the flexibility to organize our trips to areas with the best terrain for the skills of our students.  We do not provide transportation, as that would make the trip cost prohibitively high, however we encourage participants to carpool if possible.

For the 2009-2010 winter season, we will be scheduling trips for first-time riders and advanced beginners. We organize our trips according to age and ability.  We also offer some women's-only groups.

If you would like to see trips at higher skill levels on the calendar, email us at ECSnowAdventures@yahoo.com and let us know.

Tell Me More!
Check out our Calendar page to see the trips we have scheduled so far.  Our Prices page goes over the costs (and mentions that we provide free cookies!).  If you would like to sign up for a trip, please visit our Registration page.

Other Questions:

Is snowboarding difficult to learn?
Just about anyone can learn to snowboard, though everyone learns at a different pace.  We allow plenty of practice time on gentle terrain so you can build up confidence before riding on the chairlift.  We offer a much longer lesson than the typical 90-minute class taught at most ski areas.  This allows our instructors to provide plenty of individual attention to each student.

I can already snowboard, do you teach freestyle groups?
We are currently gauging interest for freestyle groups.  If you are a strong intermediate rider looking to amp up your freestyle skills, let us know by shooting us an email at ECSnowAdventures@yahoo.com.

Can I book a private lesson?
ECSA instructors are available for private lessons, either for an individual or a private group.  If you are interested in private instruction, please get in touch with us at ECSnowAdventures@yahoo.com.

Hope to see you out riding this winter.  Think Snow!