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honors society

The ECS Honors Society is a student organization at UTD that was founded to support the ECS Academic Honors Programs with social, service and educational activities for past, present and potential future members of these programs. One of the main goals of the society is to promote undergraduate participation in research at UTD. The Honors Society also participates in forums and coordinating meetings with faculty, administration and other student organizations to promote the opinions of honors students.

What can the ECS Honors Society do for me?

The ECS Honors Society can provide you with social network of fellow honors students to assist you with your academic career. Other benefits of participating in the society include enrichment and service activities in which you may participate.

How do I get involved?

There are many ways that you can become involved in our program. Here are a few:
  • Join our mailing list and facebook group and watch out for events. These events are ideal for enriching your education.
  • Promote the ECS Academic Honors Programs and the ECS Honors Society to your friends and classmates.
  • We are always looking for ideas for future events, so your opinion and assistance in coordinating a future event is welcome.
  • Once you have established yourself within the group you may request permission to add information to this website.
  • You may seek a leadership position as an officer of the organization.

Can I suggest a cool project?

Of course, just send us an email (address is on the home page) and attend a meeting where you can explain your project in more detail to our members. Some funding may be available for particularly desirable and educational projects. If your idea is selected, we expect your assistance in organizing the project.