I am an Analytical Linguist at Google Los Angeles.  I also perform academic research on understanding and modeling speech timing, specifically prosodic timing or speech rhythm, and the sequential timing of speech gestures.

In my research I work with an artificial neural network model I constructed called the Neural Oscillator Model of Speech Timing and Rhythm (NOMSTR) to simulate regularity and variability in prosodic timing.   NOMSTR can be used to model interactions between prosodic levels and their effects on prosodic timing, and for investigating the universal aspects of prosodic timing and how the non-universal parameters of prosodic timing vary between languages.  I also study errors in the sequential timing of speech gestures or segments (that is, slips of the tongue), and how suprasegmental phonological structure effects errors, using neural network extensions of NOMSTR to simulate these effect.  I collaborate on some projects with Jennifer S. Cole at the University of Illinois, and with the Speech Production and Articulation kNowlege (SPAN) Group at the University of Southern California.

The best way to contact my is by my primary email: ecrusaw (at) gmail (dot) com