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YearVenueThemeProgram ChairLocal Organizer
YearVenueThemeProgram ChairLocal Organizer
2020 ENSAE, Paris High dimensional modeling in time series Christian Gourieroux  Jeroen Rombouts 
2019 Oxford Identification in Macroeconomics Frank Kleibergen Sophocles Mavroeidis 
2018 Rome Big Data Econometrics with Applications Mehmet Caner G Bruno, F Di Iorio, S Fachin, L Fanelli, J Marcucci 
2017 Amsterdam Time-Varying Parameter Models Anders Rahbek Siem Jan Koopman 
2016 Toulouse Big Data Stéphane Gregoir Nour Meddahi 
2015 Edinburgh Theory and Practice of Spatial Econometrics Sean Holly Arnab Bhattacharjee 
2014 Barcelona Advances in Forecasting Jonathan Wright  Barbara Rossi 
2013 Cyprus Econometrics of Mixed Frequency Data E Ghysels & M Marcellino Elena Andreou 
2012 Maastricht Hypothesis Testing Jörg Breitung Jean-Pierre Urbain 
2011 Florence Econometrics of Policy Analysis after the Crises and Beyond Frank Smets G Gallo & M Marcellino 
2010 Toulouse Identification in Econometrics, Theory and Applications Elie Tamer Christian Bontemps 
2009 Aarhus Real Time Econometrics Peter Reinhard Hansen Niels Haldrup 
2008 Rome Structural Microeconometrics JM Robin  
2007 Faro Advances in Time Series Analysis Anders Rahbek Paulo Rodrigues 
2006 Rotterdam Econometrics of Monetary Policy and Financial Decision Making Luc Bauwens  
2005 Istanbul Econometrics of Financial and Insurance Risks O. Scaillet  
2004 Marseille Econometrics of Industrial Organization A. Escribano  
2003 London Endogeneity, Instruments and Idenification G. Dhaene  
2002 Bologna Model Selection and Evaluation Niels Haldrup  
2001 Louvain-la-Neuve Causality and Exogeneity in Econometrics Jean-Pierre Urbain   
2000 Dublin Likelihood in Econometrics Andrew Chesher  
1999 Madrid Financial Econometrics Eric Renault  
1998 Stockholm Forecasting in Econometrics P. Newbold  
1997 Amsterdam Finite Sample and Asymptotic Methods Richard Smith  
1996 Florence Simulation Methods Graham Mizon & Giampiero Gallo  
1995 Aarhus Nonlinear Modelling in Economics Svend Hylleberg  
1994 Berlin Nonparametric and Dynamic Modelling Helmut Lütkepohl  
1993 Oxford Cointegration and Dynamics in Economics David Hendry  
1992 Paris Duration, Transition and Count Data Models C. Gouriéroux  
1991 Rotterdam Structure and Dynamics in Econometrics H. van Dijk and J. Kiviet  
1990 Amsterdam Structure and Dynamics in Econometrics H. van Dijk and J. Kiviet  
Showing 31 items