Arsenic's Uses

   Historical uses: Medicinal and Poison

  • Fowler’s solution used as a tonic and to treat a variety of illnesses.3 
  • Pesticide (i.e., rat poison)
    • Britain restricted access to arsenic through the Arsenic Act of 1851 because of too much misuse.1
  • Murder weapon of choice, particularly for the wealthy.

  Modern Medical Uses    
  • Arsenic trioxide used in cancer treatment (leukemia)4
  • Used in nuclear medicine (PET scans) to locate tumors.5
  • Used in veterinarian medicine as an antiparasitic and antibacterial agent.6


  • Elemental arsenic is added to other metals to form metal mixtures or alloys with improved properties. The greatest use of arsenic in alloys is in lead-acid batteries for automobiles.6
  • Arsenic compounds are used in semiconductors and light-emitting diodes.6

  • Inorganic arsenic compounds were used as pesticides (e.g., on cotton fields and in orchards) but are no longer used in agriculture.
  • Organic arsenic compounds (e.g., disodium methylarsenate (DSMA), and monosodium methylarsenate (MSMA)) are still used as pesticides.7
  • Used as a preservative for wood (i.e., wood is pressure treated with copper chromated arsenate - CCA). These wood products were used in children’s play structures, decks, fencing, picnic tables, and boardwalks.6

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