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X Co-director of Eco Advocates Josh Schlossberg Sets Precedent in Federal Court Case

On a nice day in March 2009 Josh Schlossberg and a friend were tabling and leafleting outside Umpqua Bank at 7th and Oak Street when a known violent Eugene police officer without warning grabbed him, seized his camera, wrenched his arms to force Josh to the ground, and then placed a knee to Schlossberg's neck. Schlossberg was later released without charge. Schlossberg with the help of the Civil Liberties Defense Center filed suit against the City of Eugene and officer Solesbee. 
Even after a jury of 8 and Federal Judge Coffin found Solesbee guilty of violating Josh Schlossberg's rights on 5 of six counts the spokesperson for the Eugene Police Department Pete Kerns states that Solesbee did nothing wrong.