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The United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization claims that 25-30% of human-caused carbon emissions released to the atmosphere comes from logging the world's forests; logging is the second largest cause of climate change after the use of fossil fuels, according to NASA. 

~ Ecosystem Advocates NW co-organized the groundbreaking "Clearcutting the Climate: a conference of science and action" at the University of Oregon on January 26, 2008 to provide the latest science on the topic of forests, logging and climate change; expose fraudulent "solutions" to the forest/climate crises; as well as to facilitate collaboration between citizens and activist groups addressing climate change and forest depletion.

A DVD of Clearcutting the Climate is available for $20 by mailing a check to: Ecosystem Advocates NW, PO Box 327 Eugene, OR 97440, or emailing tsuga@efn.org . 

More information:

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