17 Real Solutions to Curb Human Die Off and Biological Holocaust

17 Real Solutions to Curb Pending Human Die Off and Ongoing Biological Holocaust:


  •    A Moratorium on new highway construction
  •    New rail transportation infrastructure to replace essential highways, freeways, and airline travel throughout the U.S.
  •    Ban the manufacture of new autos and non commercial trucks by 2020 (from 1941 to 1945 less than 10 cars were manufactured in the US).
  •    A Moratorium on all new fossil fuel incinerators and uranium fueled reactors
  •   A Moratorium on all new airports and airport expansion as well as eventual ban of non essential commercial airline travel
  •   Military and aerospace budgets will be redirected to retool those industries to manufacture wind turbines, heat pumps and other solar harvesting technologies
  •    The Military budget and personnel will be redirected to perform toxic site cleanup (here and abroad), solar electric installations on every roof structure in the US, road removal on public lands, and energy conservation upgrades to every livable structure
  •   Mandate zero release of CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs and methyl bromide
  •   Mandate zero release of toxics and hormone disrupters into the environment via any manufacturing process or product
  •   Mandate all non-biodegradable products sold will be reusable or 100% recycled by manufacturer
  •   Mandate an end of industrial logging, mining, grazing on public lands, and  Implement Carbon and Biological Reserve systems across North America 
  •   End Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations and the use of Genetically Engineered Organisms
  •   Implement a Ban on Drift Net, Bottom Trawling, and Shark Fin fishing
  •   Ban Deep Sea Oil Drilling and Arctic Oil Drilling
  •   Ban Mountain Top Removal, Oil and Natural Gas Fracking, Tar Sands and Oil Shale Extraction
  •  Bicycle only streets for all cities over 20,000 resident
  •  For every household inside city limits 2 acres of land will be set aside outside city limits for a greenbelt - permaculture food production

These real solutions may not be enough, however “business as usual” like expanding freeways, airports, cities, as well as the false solutions like electric or hydrogen autos, “green coal" carbon capture technology, natural gas extraction and biofuels being offered up by industry, corporations, politicians, and the corporate foundation funded "big greens" is a recipe for the ultimate disaster.