Animals of the Southern Rocky Mountains

Steller’s Jay


            There is an immense amount of bird species in the vast Rocky Mountains of the USA, and among those species is the Steller’s Jay.  The Steller’s Jay is a close relative to the famous Blue Jay.  Along with the Blue Jay, the Steller’s Jay is the only North American jay that is crested or uses mud in the construction of their nests.  The Steller’s Jay has various appearances, with both black and blue crest and the same with backs.  The Steller’s Jay is 12-13 inches in length and 3.5-4.9 in weight.  The Steller’s Jay does not fly south for winter but merely flies to a lower elevation. 





The ravens are a very important part of the Southern Rocky Mountains.  The ravens produce and complete the food chain.  Ravens are not at the bottom of the food chain because they eat worms, but ravens are not at the top of the food chain because they are eaten by wolfs.  Ravens are also known as crows.   Ravens like to eat in open areas with other ravens to help each other hunt.  They like to consume grain, corn and road kill animals. 




Mule Deer


Mule deer are mostly found in the Southern Rocky Mountains.  A huge part of their diet is sagebrush and bitterbrush.  They also eat mountain mahogany, cliff rose, rabbit brush, scrub oak, acorns, apples, and don’t forget, willow.  We also shouldn’t forget that they drink water Now, something that may interest some people. Instead of what mule deer eat, it’s what eats them. The things that mostly eat them are mountain lions, coyotes, and bears.  Next, mule deer survive by staying in good conditions and listening to their instinct telling them when danger is near.