IYOR 2008 EcosymbolismArt by Ana Bikic

 at Books & Books ,

Coral Gables,Feb 1-29

                             Books and Books hosts Ana Bikic's Ecosymbolism Thesis

                                    and Supporting Reef Canvases X 12

                            for the  International Year Of The Reef 2008

Blue Tang & Sea Fan 2007


                                              One million signatures to collect for Reef Rights.

                                             Raising awareness as we go around each weekend  

                                             months towards the IYOR 2008 in Fort Lauderdale.

                                              Good ideas are like water..they can find ways to

                                             infiltrate everything, pooling themselves for a

                                             reservoir fo knowledge,to sustain our existance.                          







International Year Of The Reef 2008."

February 1 2008 From 07:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Showing until March 3


BOOK'S & BOOK'S ,Coral Gables

Miracle Mile 265 Aragon Ave Coral Gables


Along with


Reef Check Foundation

Ocean Conservancy

Healthy reefs ,Sea Turtle Recovery Program

Reef Relief

University Miami Rosenthal School of Marine Science.

Environmental Center



others Agencies gathered

for the event in Coral Gables Gallery Night.

Coral Reef Paintings will  show case the efforts of all those involved

with caring for our local waters .


Ana Bikic

is a advocate for the reef's


many environmental causes

The exhibit is supported & accompanied by The State department for environmental defense & many South Florida


International conservancy & protection groups,

where the community can find information


net work to seek collaborative team work

for education & awareness .

Ana Bikic

is a local & International artist,

represented by the

Amsterdam Whitney in New York

back from the Florence Biennal in Italy

where she introduced a renewed directive in art " Ecosymbolism"

..is a New Art Movement written by the artist,with

intellectual support from international artists, students,

art collectors &  scientists.

  Through out the month of February Ana is also taking a mini show with all of the info packages to the

  MAST Academy Careers Day ,Miami.                     13th

  Imagine Miami 2008 Arts and Civics Congress.    16th

  Virginia Beach ,Key Biscayne.Grand Opening .       22nd

   Riviera Country Club 24th annualArts Fest .         6th March

  Earth day at Crandon State Park ,Key Biscayne.      22nd April