Firenze Biennale 2007

   Ecosymbolism Art Introduced by Ana Bikic



                                                       Ecosymbolism Art Introduced by Ana Bikic


                                  The Florence Biennial 2007 was attended by over 800 artists


                    at the city's  Fort and Convention Center  from the 1st to the 10th of December.



                        Ana Bikic presented her "Ecosymbolism Art " ; a shortened thesis,talks and letters


                   in conjunction with the four canvases she hung for the exhibit. Three contemporary


                   paintings on black linen and the fourth a round canvas of coral reef,titled 'knowledge'.


                    Ana was one of few artists to attend this event whose  work

obviously had content and impression for nature and humanism combined.

   Ana had arrived early by a week and had brought her canvases rolled up . Restretching on previously ordered frames enabled Ana to meet and network  

with local artisans and friends. Later after the event they accompanied her to the

many palaces and churches,gaining entrance to the many rooms of art not usually displayed. An event that only took ten days was incorporated into three weeks of

research ,study ,networking and finding old freinds.

        These events are what you make of them ,Ana says ,'' one has to get out there

 and bring people together, some will resist and still some will fold,come over and   listen.''  Ana's main target to direct her message of Ecosymbolism was the attending artist body . However and Ana considers this as important in her stratergy , the Student bodies of the City's fine colleges were prime audience as they are the future artists,doctors,engineers and judges,some of Europe's brightest ,attending the prestigious

 colleges of Firenze .   The traditions of the Renaissance are proudly echoed everywhere,Florence is a banquet of visual stimulation ,it can be exhausting and some sites can be saved for the next visit !

        Ana's Ecosymbolism Message has reached for articles in Qatar,Hawaii and Japan. Spreading an idea that

applies to all......                                                                                                                                   W.M.C.

                                      Our symbols are common 

                                                       and they are shared.

                                                               Peace can be built ,so

                                                                    Knowledge can evolve

                                                                                   as hope for noble solutions.  A.B.'06






      " It has been so wonderful for me to find you all ,what a great pleasure!      My wonderful friend Eugenia,

 Lauder,thanks for your support and love.



 I think these guys are more

 Circumstance than Pomp !







 Edward Rubin,joyful from start to end,thanks for your comradeship

and jokes.



 What a great opportunity is the Florence Biennale for getting together to express &

share without confinds of representation.

     The City of Firenze calls the event an

Art Congress, the U.N. regards it as one of the most important events for Global

Dialogue. We,the artists,acknowledge our

good fortune and appreciation for your efforts , now new congresses are evolving, all over the globe,we have all returned home to enlarge our networks .

  Senors di Celona , tu frateridad, tu sueno, son stimuli puro. Gracias y


  Everyone was so proud to attend and so passionate about their

 Work and others too....


  Everyone has been so generous with their conacts and projects.

 Many thanks for all the mail and best wishes to all.




Happy New Year of the Rat. He is sign of unprotected wealth

   we will have enough for all if we take care for all !

              signup ......find out how much mankind will lose,

   get educated,get involved .


        We have unique skills,like laughter , like music ,

we can be protagonist for common sense.




                of logic !                    





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Ecosymbolism Art




Positivism expressed in Art with sincere and intellectual emotion,

empowered by the visual language of symbols.

Aims to......

Bring dialogue between audience and subject using inspiration of effort

and integrity of the content .


To bring a more profound iconography for art

that aspires to create hope & noble solutions through the dialogue

of Humanity's symbols


Challenges ....

Under the roof of Ecosymbolism ,

Visual Artists to understand the power of the symbols

& the moral responsability of their usage .


Works as....

Catalyst between Science & Public.

At a time when so many are disillusioned by future predictions.

Art, as symbol ,

defines positive directions, soothing fear with positive solutions .



The gift of creativity, as shared , bringing dialogue, changing the

way we embrace life , by using the symbols of our collective knowledge.

                                                              We reaffirm the universality of being.


 ABecosymbolism 2007