2nd Annual EcoSpirit Environmental Conference

Conference Schedule*

Saturday , August 29, 2015

8:00am to 9:00am -- Registration
9:00am to 6:30pm -- Lectures/Workshops

Sunday, August 30, 2015
8:00am to 9:00am -- Registration
9:00am to 6:30pm -- Lectures/Workshops
6:30pm to 7:00pm -- Closing Ceremony at the Sheraton at the Falls
*Schedule subject to change

Workshop Schedule And Workshop Descriptions

(The Workshop Descriptions can be found below the Workshop Schedule.)

In addition to the lectures our speakers will give, our speakers also will present workshops during the conference. To attend a workshop, the price is $20 per workshop.  Register at the Registration Desk outside of the main lecture hall.

 Workshop Schedule *

 (Workshop Descriptions Can Be Found Below The Workshop Schedule)

 All workshops are about 50 minutes long


Saturday, August 29, 2015

Time                                   Presenter                                                     Location

12:15pm                             Tah-Weh-Dah-Qui                                       Diamond Room                                                                

4:45pm                               Tah-Weh-Dah-Qui                                       Sapphire Room

4:45pm                               Uqualla                                                         Diamond Room                          

5:45pm                               Uqualla                                                         Diamond Room                                                  


All workshops are about 50 minutes long

 Sunday, August 30, 2015

Time                                  Presenter                                                      Location

11:15am                            John Kane                                                    Diamond Room

11:15am                            John Volpe                                                    Royal Boardroom

12:15am                            John Kane                                                    Diamond Room, Front

12:15pm                            Uqualla                                                         Diamond Room -- Rear

12:15pm                            John Volpe                                                    Royal Boardroom                        

5:30pm                              Allan Jamieson, Jr.                                       Sapphire Room

5:30pm                              Tah-Weh-Dah-Qui                                        Diamond Room                                                                         

5:30pm                              Paula D'Amico                                              Royal Boardroom                                                                        

*Schedule subject to change                                       


Workshop Descriptions

Allan Jamieson, Jr.

Allan Jamieson, Jr., Cayuga, is a traditional healer.  He is the owner of Ontario Acupuncture & Herb Therapy Clinic in Ontario, Canada.  He was nominated by clients in Brantford, Ontario for Best Acupuncturist.

During his workshop, learn about the Four Sacred Medicines -- Cedar, Tobacco, Sage and Sweetgrass. Learn their health benefits and uses. Learn about teas and their uses during the seasons. Learn medicines for diabetes and other ailments. Understand the uses and nation to nation trade of medicines. Sample teas and get a hands-on experience of the medicines he'll have at the workshop -- for example, sassafras, coltsfoot, bear root, etc. Come away with an understanding of the world of herbs.


Clifford Mahooty

Clifford Mahooty will present three workshops

Clifford is a 100% Zuni Pueblo Indian and an elder member of the Kachina Clan. 

In his workshops, Clifford will continue where his lecture and previous workshops leave off, expanding on the various topics.  He will talk about the spiritual way of the ancestors, the wisdom that guided their way of thinking and how they lived life with openness to the nurturing, healing love of Mother Earth.  Because of the Zuni Pueblo Indian’s ancient relationship to the “star people,” Clifford also will discuss the assistance the star people are providing now in response to the present-day earth changes and the help they are giving to move the evolution of humanity forward.



Tah-Weh-Dah-Qui is Tuscarora, Turtle Clan

He will speak more extensively and in more depth about the natural rhythms and consciousness of the environment.



Ceremonial Prayershop, Playshop, Workshop

Tribal Teachings—Based on his heritage as a Havasupai medicine man and shaman, Uqualla will present the wisdom of ancestral ways.  “The time is right for us to all recognize our sameness,” Uqualla says.  “We are awakening our consciousness. This evolution shows us that we all have the same heart and the same mind. We will vision beauty, love and peace for all.”

Uqualla will present three workshops.

Workshop 1


Recognition and identification of your spiritual skills

Ritual exercises

Reinforcing the spirituality of your gift

Workshop 2


Learn the art of posturing

Harmonization with the sacred instruments

Tribal Movements

Creating the ceremonial processional

Workshop 3


Breaking down the tactical components, posturing, incorporating your environment.

Voice exercises.

Uqualla is a Ceremonial Sentinel of the Southwest Tribal Arts.  Birth to the Havasupai Tribe (Guardians of the Grand Canyon, People of the Blue-Green Waters).  Past sub-chief and chief of the tribe, recognized master spiritual orator, ceremonial regalia designer, wedding minister, ceremonial life coach, motivational lecturer, workshop facilitator, spiritual events producer, international spiritual motivational speaker.


John Volpe

John Volpe is Algonquin, Turtle Clan.  He is an elder and healer. John will talk about his work with turtles during his many years of observing and studying them, including a discussion of what turtles are telling us about water quality and the condition of the environment and what this foretells for human beings if we don't make changes now.  He will talk about the work he has been doing all of his life and his lifetime commitment to protecting wildlife and the environment.


John Kane

John hosts "Let's Talk Native...with John Kane,” now in its fifth year, which airs on ESPN Sports Radio, WWKB-AM, 1520 in Buffalo, NY and "Let's Talk...with John Kane, WBAI-FM," 99.5 in New York City.

John's workshop will cover various environmental issues he discusses on his radio shows, including the facts about "bomb trains," the frequent and dangerous derailing of railroad tanker cars carrying crude oil to ports in the United States.  He will cover other environmental issues as well.


Paula D'Amico


This innovative workshop reveals the ancient meaning and purpose behind some of the most beautiful plants we surround ourselves with throughout all four seasons. The “Life Gardener’ and original creator of an all sensory meditation experience, Paula D’Amico, uses the power of words, the symbolism of sounds,  and the essence of nature to deliver a joyful feast for your mind, body and soul.

Not only is this of joyful learning about the power of plants, herbs, and words, it is a wonderful aromatic experience as well.

Paula will bring a number of wonderful flowers, delicious smelling herbs, and some of her powerful plants that can help deliver healing and abundance in your life.

This incredibly uplifting workshop includes a wonderful meditation taking you for a walk through the Garden of Life.

The cost of the workshop includes a folder with information to take home to share with family and friends…

Plus you get to make and take home some fresh herbs and create your own herbal healing sachet.