Conference Dates: August 29 & 30, 2015
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Caretakers Of Mother Earth
Are You Ready For
Clean Air To Breathe
Pure Water To Drink
Nutritious Food To Eat

We Will Gather at
Sheraton at the Falls

Niagara Falls, New York

Niagara Falls, New York is on the traditional and unceded territories of the Tonawanda Senecas who are the Western Door Keepers as well as one of the Elder Brothers of the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) Confederacy.  The EcoSpirit Environmental Conference Organizers thank the Tonawanda Senecas for welcoming us to gather for this conference on their homeland.


What Is The 2nd Annual EcoSpirit Environmental Conference?
  • A Conference about Cleaning up the Environment.
  • A Gathering of NativeTribal Leaders, Environmental Experts, Native Singers and the People Who Register and Attend.
  • Lectures given by expert speakers, Natives and others. (For information about speakers, click on The Speakers.)
  • Participate in their workshops, talk informally with the conference speakers and other conference participants.
  • Listen to the sacred songs of traditional Native Singers.  
  • Soak in the uplifting energy of Native spirituality.
  • Learn how we can join together to clean up Mother Earth. 
  • We will be adding more speakers names to the speakers' list in the weeks to come.  Please check back for updates.

  • People are talking.
  • Nothing quite like this has ever been done before on the East Coast
  • News about The 2nd Annual EcoSpirit Environmental Conference is quickly spreading by word of mouth.
  • The word is out that The 2nd Annual EcoSpirit Environmental Conference could be the event of the year.
  • Feel if this resonates within your heart.


The 2nd Annual EcoSpirit Environmental Conference

More speakers are coming!  Check back again soon.

The Sheraton at the Falls
300 Third Street
Niagara Falls, New York  14303

  Saturday, August 29 and
   Sunday, August 30, 2015

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the Sunrise Tobacco Ceremony will not take place.  Please go directly to the Sheraton at the Falls for the start of the Conference
(Registration from 8:00am to 9:00am.)

The Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) people are people who give thanks.  The conference will begin with:

Ganönyok --
Thanksgiving --
Kontiwennenhawi Akwesasne Women Singers

Conference Schedule

Saturday , August 29, 2015

8:00am to 9:00am -- Registration
9:00am to 6:45pm -- Lectures/Workshops

Sunday, August 30, 2015
8:00am to 9:00am -- Registration
9:00am to 6:30pm -- Lectures/Workshops
6:30pm to 7:00pm -- Closing Ceremony at the Sheraton at the Falls

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*Schedule subject to change.

For more information about these great speakers, click on
The Speakers


Allan Jamieson is an Elder the Cayuga Nation, Wolf Clan, one of the Six Nations of the Haudensaunee (Iroqouis) Confederacy.  He will speak about "Environmental Stewardship for the Next Seven Generations and Using Water Wisely." Allan is Director and one of the founding members of Neto Hatinakwe Onkwehowe which means, "Here Lives The People."

Clifford Mahooty, As Seen On The History Channel's Ancient Aliens and America Unearthed is a Zuni Elder and a Civil/Environmental Engineer

Tah-Weh-Dah-Qui is Tuscarora, Turtle Clan  He is a national speaker and teacher who shares his gifts of understanding to promote personal and communal responsibility, spiritual growth, healing and transformation.    He will speak about “the natural rythms and consciousness of the environment and how we relate to it."

John Karhiio Kane is a Mohawk from Kahnawake. He lives on the Cattaraugus Territory of the Seneca Nation and has a direct connection to the people and territories of the Six Nations.  He hosts "Let's Talk Native...with John Kane" on ESPN Sports Radio, WWKB-AM, 1520 in Buffalo, NY and "Let's Talk With John Kane" on WBAI-FM, 99.5 in New York City.

Uqualla is a member of the Havasupai Nation (people of the blue-green waters). From the Heart of the Grand Canyon, the Havasupai Nation live in the most beautiful and remote areas of the western Grand Canyon. Supai village is located in Havasu Canyon, which is accessible only on foot, on horseback, or by helicopter.

John Volpe, Ojibwe/Algonquin Elder, Healer, Protector of Wildlife and Environmental Activist.  John will speak about his work with turtles, fish, birds and the water.

Mike Bastine, Algonquin Elder, Healer, Author, Spiritual Teacher and MC of the Second Annual EcoSpirit Environmental Conference.  Mike will also give a lecture.


Mare Cromwell is a multi-award-winning author and nature mystic. Her books are: The Great Mother Bible, Messages from Mother...Earth Mother and If I Gave You God's Phone Number...Searching for Spirituality in America.  She is the visionary behind the Great Mother Wisdom Gathering held in Maryland. Mare has worked nationally and internationally on environmental issues and also has studied with Native American teachers for nineteen years. She sits on the Seven Generations World Wisdom Council. Mare says she is also a former worm herder.

Bill McKibben, As Seen On HBO's Real Time With Bill Maher, Environmental Author And Activist.  Founder Of

Paula D'Amico will introduce you to the symbolism behind those beautiful blooms, luscious plants and delicious herbs we have sown in our gardens and use in our homes.  Not only is this an hour of wonderful learning, it is a wonderful aromatic experience as well.  Paula will bring in a number of wonderful flowers, delicious smelling herbs and powerful plants that can help deliver healing and abundance into your life.

Allan Jamieson, Jr., Cayuga, is a traditional healer.  He is the owner of Ontario Acupuncture & Herb Therapy Clinic in Ontario, Canada.

In his lecture, he will provide an overview of his workshop. 
uring his workshop, learn about the Four Sacred Medicines -- Cedar, Tobacco, Sage and Sweetgrass. Learn their health benefits and uses. Learn about teas and their uses during the seasons. Learn medicines for diabetes and other ailments.  Understand the uses and nation to nation trade of medicines. Sample teas and get a hands-on experience of the medicines he'll have at the workshop -- for example, sassafras, coltsfoot, bear root, etc. Come away with an understanding of the world of herbs.

For more information about these great speakers, click on
The Speakers