Ecoinformatics is an interdisciplinary framework that aims to develop and apply computer technology for the management and analysis of complex and heterogeneous ecological data, in order to facilitate ecological research and informed decision making for sustainable development. To achieve this, it brings together diverse tools, such as geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing, statistical data analysis, systems modeling and simulation, databases, knowledge engineering, and computer programming with the broad goal of making ecological data more useful to society. Applications of ecoinformatics include environmental impact assessment (EIA), ecological sustainability, biodiversity conservation planning, ecological forecasting, global climate change, and invasive species.

Ecoinformatics Studio is a private consultancy service with more than 20 years' experience, specialized in developing and implementing efficient and effective quantitative methods and computational tools to access, integrate, manage, analyze and interpret ecological data, and using a flexible, adaptive approach for supplying practical and creative environmental informatics solutions to clients in the Guanabara Bay area of Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil and elsewhere.

Ecoinformatics Studio uses only free, open source software tools based on the GNU/Linux operating system, as the MySQL relational database management system, the PSPP statistical analysis package, the high-level environments for numerical computation and graphics Octave and R, and PHP, Ruby, Python, Free Pascal, and LISP programming languages.