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Eco Sciences, LLC is a Consulting, Biosolids Management, Septic Waste, Landfill Leachate and Research Company with 45 years experience specializing in solving WATER, WASTEWATER, SEPTIC WASTE, LANDFILL LEACHATE and BIOSOLIDS (SLUDGE) PROBLEMS in the most cost effective way. With our experience in this field, we can can help you come up with cost saving solutions to any of your concerns in water, wastewater, sludge. leachate and septic waste.
We all know that due to the difficult financial budget times for many local Cities and Counties and the serious need to protect the waters here in the State of Florida, we are offering the opportunity for an environmentally safe and low cost way to handle Wastewater Treatment,  Sludge Management and Septic Waste. After an in depth review, we can assist local governments in various ways that they can build an Eco Friendly Facility or upgrade their current facility with minimal energy use, minimum construction costs and possibly receive unlimited long term income with minimal or no capital or operating costs.
We are currently interested in setting up Septic Waste Treatment-Elimination Facilities here in Florida to protect our lakes, springs and provide septic tank pumpers with a cheap and safe place to dispose of their waste.  A Septic Waste Treatment-Elimination Facility will also bring in additional revenue to municipal wastewater treatment facilities.

​In an effort to help Cities and Counties reduces disposal costs for wastewater sludge, septage waste and landfill leachate, Eco Sciences, LLC's developed a new treatment process that converts wastewater sludge and septic waste into a safe, class AA/EQ Licensed fertilizer. The process also, through an enhanced solar pasteurization process can totally remove landfill leachate with no transportation or disposal costs.
Our turnkey solution can reduce a municipality’s carbon footprint while saving on energy, chemical cost, fuel costs, labor, transportation and other disposal costs using our newly developed PATENTED process called 


without risk to public health or the environment.
This process helps clients manage their energy, conservation and waste disposal needs through solutions that are environmentally friendly and that positively reduces costs for waste disposal.
In general, the total capital costs for the facility can be totally paid for using only your current disposal budget for just a few years.  We can also offer municipalities to design, build and operate a SolarOrganite® Biosolids Management Facility or do a Public - Private - Partnership.

We are open to various options to finance the SolarOrganite® Biosolids Managent Facility. One option would be through the current hauling and tipping fees budget on a per gallon processed basis. We can then expand the facility to proper size at minimal cost.
Our engineers will be happy to meet with you to further evaluate the location and layout for a 


 Biosolids Management Facility at your Wastewater Treatment Plant. We will provide all permit application requirements and monthly reports required by the Florida Department of Environment Protection. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection is already totally familiar with our newly developed process and has already approved for us to move forward to putting in these facilities.

The SolarOrganite® 


process offers turnkey solutions that SAVE MONEY and reduce your municipality’s carbon footprint while saving on transportation, energy cost and other disposal costs. Using a newly environmental friendly solar technology, our end product from Wastewater Sludge is a Class AA/EQ (Exceptional Quality) Biosolids fertilizer, meaning it can be reused without risk to people health or the environment.

Also our end product from Landfill Leachate waste is NOTHING, NO MORE transporting to an Industrial Wastewater Treatment Facility.

With more regulations now and coming on land application of wastewater sludge and land application of septic tank waste, this is a great environmental friendly cost saving solution to look into.  

Traditionally, biosolids (sludge) and septic tank waste disposal involves trucking it to rural areas, land spreading in fields and pastures, incineration, adding chemicals or just dumping into landfills. However, concerns about water pollution, contaminants, runoff, air pollution, tipping fees and transportation costs have resulted in many cities and municipalities looking for better, more cost efficient ways to handle the removal of sludge from Wastewater Treatment Facilities.

The newly Developed SolarOrganite® PATENTED process helps clients manage their capital cost, energy use, conservation, carbon footprint and Biosolids disposal needs through solutions that are safe, environmentally friendly and that will positively impact their bottom line with MAJOR COST SAVINGS and NEW INCOME STREAM.

The Pre-Greenhouse Drying with 



Chamber will handle ALL the Sludge at a Standard Wastewater Treatment Facility that has the Capacity of 4 - 8 MGD.

Dewatered Sludge is added to the greenhouse daily and is slowly moved and rakes toward the SolarOrganite

® Intense Drying/Pasteurization Chamber.  In 3 to 5 days the drying sludge reaches the 


® Pasteurization Chamber where it is transferred into the chamber and only needs to remains in the chamber for 30 minutes where the temperatures far exceeds the standard for pasturization and is then converted to a Class AA
/EQ (Exceptional Quality) State Licensed Fertilizer meeting all State and Federal Regulation requirements.

The other option is to just have the 


® Chambers based on the annual 
capacity that you need for processing.  The 


® Chamber option has a smaller foot print and would be less costly.

This REALLY is the LOWEST COST Process to produce a Class AA

/EQ (Exceptional Quality)

Biosolids Fertilizer from SLUDGE. No rising chemical costs, high electric costs, high gas costs or high maintenance cost.

Environmental benefits:

•  We use ONLY natural sunlight to create energy to dry the wastewater sludge and through our patented process biosolids pasteurization that increases temperatures that destroy pathogens and removes all vector attraction.

•  Particulates from the process are converted to a State licensed fertilizer and can be used in agriculture, landscape or farming properly.

•  Beneficial reuses are found for the dried material, which is reduced by 95-98 percent of its initial weight.

•  We can establish a biosolids SolarOrganite® drying and pasteurization facility at a location that allows for the efficient use of your resources – eliminating or minimizing the need for transportation and disposal.

Additionally, with this innovative, environmentally-oriented thinking, you’ll have an excellent story to tell to your community.

Eco Sciences, LLC is here to help you?

We have develop this innovative, proprietary and cost effective ways for the remove of biosolids from your wastewater treatment facilities. It is the lowest capital cost and lowest operating cost, there is NO COMPARISON to this technology or COST.

Using ONLY your current Sludge Disposal Budget both the capital costs and operations cost are covered. After a couple of years, your capital costs are gone and your biosolids operations/disposal budget will decrease by 80%-90%. You will even be able to INCREASE your income by selling your FERTILIZER.

SolarOrganite, LLC helps clients manage their capital cost, energy use, conservation and biosolids disposal. septic waste and landfill leachate needs through solutions that are safe, environmentally friendly and that will positively impact their bottom line with major reductions in waste disposal cost.

Eco Sciences, LLC can help with Home Toilet and with the New Septic Waste Elimination Process and SAVE Homeowners money.

The newly patented SolarOrganite® process will eliminates septic tank waste from toilets and septic tanks.  The process is fueled only by the sun using the SolarOrganite® Process.  The Waste Elimination Process will provide people on septic tanks here in Florida and the USA with a safe, sustainable and sanitary method for getting rid of their toilet waste and septic sludge that is polluting our land, lakes, springs, rivers and all other water sources.

With this new SolarOrganite® Process, only sunlight is used to totally sterilized, pasteurized and totally dry the septic waste  into a healthy and safe material that meets all State and US EPA 503 Requirements.

This new patented processing has the capability of heating human toilet and septic waste to a high enough temperature using the SolarOrganite® Process in an enclosed chamber to pasteurize and sterilize human waste and create a 99% totally dried end product. The device is a next-generation toilet septic tank waste treatment process using only solar energy that can be used to disinfect toilet, septic liquid and solid waste while generating useful and environmentally safe end products.

Toilet or Sewage waste is either pumped or gravity feed into the SolarOrganite® processing chamber. Based on the amount of toilet or sewage waste, determine the size of the processing chamber needed.

The heat energy generated by the sun with SolarOrganite® Chamber to fully dry pasteurization-sterilization in the chamber that can heat up the reaction chamber to well over 70 degrees Celsius to treat the waste material, disinfect pathogens in both feces and urine, and produces a safe end product. The end product then meets all State and Federal Environmental Regulations.  The fully dried, pasteurized-sterilized end product will be reduces by 99.9% and the very small volume of dried material should be removed from the chamber every five to ten years.  There is NO water or polluted water discharge to protect land, lakes, springs, rivers and all other water sources.  

We would be glad to help in protecting our waters.  Eco Sciences, LLC has a Newly Patented Leachate Reduction Elimination Process with NO Discharge at the LOWEST COST.

Leachate management is one of, if not the most significant long-term, recurring cost for landfill management. It accounts for up to 25 to 30 percent of the O&M costs. What’s more, leachate management continues well into most landfills’ post-closure period and will remain subject to evolving regulatory requirements. While it’s really important to consider each landfill’s site-specific circumstances before making any decisions, we can offer a new low cost way to eliminate cost with our newly developed SolarOrganite Process, it is economically feasible and environmentally sound approach to leachate management.  The SolarOrganite method reduces the leachate volume, producing water vapor and a leachate concentrate that can be recycled to the landfill. Only using solar energy is the lowest cost effective alternatives.  Let us know if you need help.

We can develop a COST EFFECTIVE way for the remove TONS of Biosolids from your Wastewater Treatment Facilities Saving MORE Tons of Money from you budget.

It is clean, green and seen as the most cost-effective process for processing biosolids into a Safe Class AA/EQ Licensed Fertilizer. 

Call Today and your waste disposal costs will be reduced and your problem will be solved tomorrow.



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