On this page you will find updated news on Eco-Schools development in Ghana, as well as information and educational material for Eco-Scholls´teachers and students.
  • Ghanian students visits Norway For five years they had been pen pals, at last they got to meet face to face. For two weeks packed wit adventures, seven students and two teachers from Aksosombo got to visit their twin school Byåsen in Trondheim Norway. The visit was part of expanding the Environmental program and knowledge among the students at the two schools - but there was also time for cultural events, sightseeing and friendship developments.Byåsen school is amultiple awarded school for its Green Flag activities.The school garden, waste management and survival in the wilderness was only a few of the activities that were introduced. The Ghanian students, on the other hand brought information on Fair Trade farming and re-designe of waste materials ...
    Lagt inn 27. okt. 2010, 03:30 av Hilde Opoku
  • Expanding the Eco-Schools A number of new schools and campuses was during March and April formally introduced to the Eco-School program. Founded by the Volta River Authority Opoku Foundation visited the schools with a lecture on Climate, Environment and changing life styles in Ghana. The schools responded by assigning to the program and committing them selves to meet the requirements to earn the Green Flag.thisFrom an out door lecture at AkuseAt Township Campus AIS
    Lagt inn 27. okt. 2010, 04:09 av Hilde Opoku
  • First Environmental Council Established
    Lagt inn 25. okt. 2010, 13:55 av Hilde Opoku
  • From Norway to learn about the Environment
    Lagt inn 25. okt. 2010, 14:12 av Hilde Opoku
  • AIS visits Green Flag companions
    Lagt inn 25. okt. 2010, 14:09 av Hilde Opoku
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Akosombo students sings to inform the public of the electricity shortage in Ghana

20% of the worlds population has consumed 80% of the worlds resources. The world community has agreed that they have a special responsibility to finde solutions towards the global resource prob.lem. Part of it is shearing the knowledge on how to move forward - also for Africa

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