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3_Submission requirements

Project 01_EcoRedux Creative Documentation

:: Requirements


Panel 1: Representative perspective of project/ title/ text of 300 words

Panel 2: Diagrams showing images of the old experiment and its re-interpretation

Panel 3: Instructions/ diagrams/ tools illustrating  the (re)use of the experiment 

Panel 4: Perspectives/ plans/ diagrams 

Panel 5: Variations of product (For example, what if the instructions you provide are not followed in the designated order? What are the possibilities of your experiment? How can it be applied to various purposes and contexts?) 

Panel 6: Perspective image in the setting of a city, a farm, suburbia or any context of relevance

You are free to not follow these guidelines and to invent your own.

Final products: 60cmX60cm panels, 300dpi resolution, digital copies, .pdf format

Project 02_Ant Farm 2011: Clean Air Chamber

:: Requirements


Please include information regarding your experiment's:

Physical investigation

How do we connect tubes and surfaces? How do we contain and disseminate air? How do we handle form?


How do we use magnifying glasses, binoculars, strobe lights and other means that you can think of to make air visible?

Mechanical investigation

How do we make air move in the rigth direction and control its flow and rate?

Electrostatic control

How do we use electricity and energy to control accumulation of matter and growth?

Chemical processes

How do we separate substances and use components to produce new substances?


How is your chamber working? Input - process- output.

Design manual

Drawings, sketches, 3d representations of your chamber

Fabrication manual

Research on materials to use for your chamber and a step-by-step assembly process (like a do-it-yourself instruction manual)

NOTE: For information and inspiration on the Cookbook please refer to the Dropout Communes & Architectural Cookbooks presentation by L. Kallipoliti at the "Lectures" section.

B_Physical model

Each team is to prepare:

01: An 1:5 scaled model of the assigned chamber 

02: A documentation (video, photographs, other media) of your experiment.

chambers' specs

posted Aug 17, 2010, 2:34 AM by Lydia Kallipoliti

Please see the dimensions of the assigned chamber for each team

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