• The Contractionary Effects of Bad Economic News (In print, JMCB)
    Reconstructs the delivery of pessimistic economic news across the United States at county level resolution; finds empirical evidence that the presence of such news can inhibit hiring and deepen a recession.
    • Online appendix
    • Data (.zip, 261 MB; this is a condensed version of the data, sufficient to replicate my tables. For the full data-set, which is over 8GB in size, please contact me.)

  • Fear Itself: How Risk Averse Firms can Make Demand Shocks Bite (In print, Economic Modelling)
    DSGE models with risk averse consumers are known to exhibit counter-intuitive behavior: in such models, an increase in economic uncertainty often leads to a boom, not a bust.  By positing that firms are risk averse, the model outlined in this paper can reverse this pathological effect, generating realistic demand-driven recessions.

  • The Paralysis Justification and A Unifying Approach to Municipal Restructuring (In print, Boston College Law Review)
    With Samir Parikh
    Analyzes municipal bond data, presenting evidence that states with more generous debt adjustment policies aren't punished by higher borrowing costs.  Argues that such policies should be implemented in states whose cities are on the fiscal brink.
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