Dynamics and collective phenomena of socioeconomic systems


Network funded by Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia:

FIS2004-22008-E, FIS2005-25318-E y SCO2006-28541-E


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The primary target of this network is to facilitate the contact and the collaboration between the different Spanish groups whose present lines of investigation are related to the application of methods, techniques or ideas of the statistical and not-linear physics to social and economic problems.

Historically, the applications of the statistical and nonlinear physics to problems in other disciplines have been numerous and important in different branches from sciences as they could be biology, chemistry or geology. Nevertheless, in the last years a great interest has emerged from ideas used in the statistical and nonlinear physics in sciences conceptually quite away of the natural ones, as they are the economy and social sciences.

Although from the last century we can find excellent analyses made by physicists in economic studies, it is not until the early 90's when the interest arises with force to apply statistical concepts like the fractality and, related to this one, phenomena that they do not have in place in certain scales but that they can appear in any scale, temporary or spacial, showing therefore a clear analogy with a phenomenon very studied in the statistical physics as they are the critical phenomena.

The great majority of the participants in the present proposal have physics backgrounds and have been making in the last years a good number of thematic applications of the physics to very different disciplines. All of them with recognized prestige  at  international level and participating in different projects from all the levels.

The experience that the different groups contribute to the consolidation of the network could be considered to be structured throughout three basic axes: