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Tent Heater Rental

tent heater rental
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Rajwadi Tent Interiors
Rajwadi Tent Interiors
Welcome to the wonderland of Indian traditional tents REXCURSION, manufacturer of all type of luxury tents and decoration utilities. The Traditional Collection of our tents is ideal for Garden, Poolside, Beaches, Resorts or Weekend Parties, Theme Parties, Weddings. Tents are designed keeping in mind the weather conditions and location which make the user more comfortable. These tents are gaining momentum across the globe due to its richness, diversity and comfort. Designed and constructed hand in hand with skilled craftsmen these splendid Indian traditional tents provide a charming setting for your garden or event. Our tents are ideal for parties and are specially manufactured to withstand the sometimes-inclement like weather. The decorative inner linings are made of 200gsm cotton and can be hand block printed by our skilled and experienced staff in a range of designs and colours or made to your specific needs. The block printing process is done by hand. Each block is hand carved using the local hard wood known as sheesham. Block printing is a very skilled process as just the right amount of pressure has to be applied and this varies from block to block depending on size. The colours used are fixed and are machine washable. All our tents are made from the finest materials with the outer 15 oz marquee canvas being treated to ensure that is both waterproof, rot proof and also fire retardant In fact, each and our every product unmistakably captures the rich heritage of India. Our company largely benefits from the team of highly efficient and excellent masters craftsmen of the past. We also undertake customized orders to suit individual preferences, tastes and specifications. Our team of expert artisans and craftsmen has the capability of producing a vivid range of products for all. We believe in hosting a range which uncovers imaginative designs that can be reproduced with ingenuity, bringing delight and satisfaction to our esteemed clients worldwide.
GOFF Southeast Tents is the leading KY, OH, WV,& TN rentals for big and small Vynil and Clearspan Tent, Tables, Chairs, Stage, Lighting, Dance Floor, Linens, Manufacture New and Repair Old Tents.

tent heater rental
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