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Lepel Induction Heater

lepel induction heater
    induction heater
  • An induction heater is a key piece of equipment used in all forms of induction heating. Typically an induction heater operates at either medium frequency (MF) or radio frequency (RF) ranges.Rudnev, p. 229.
  • Lepel (English translation: Spoon) is a 2005 Dutch children's film. The film received a Golden Film for 100,000 visitors.
  • Lepel (Ле?пель Lepiel; Lepel; Ле?пель, ) is a town located in the center of the Lepiel District in the Vitebsk Province of Belarus near Lepiel Lake. Lepiel is situated at about and its population in the 1998 census was 19,400.

Various massive electrical devices used for the demonstration of magnetic and electric phenomena to people. See notes for details about the equipment. (Palais de la decouverte, Paris, France)
Induction heater
Induction heater
An IRFP450 power MOSFET, driven from an HP 3310A signal generator via a 120Ω resistor. It heats up a paper clip placed in the work coil.

lepel induction heater
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