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Watch Every Episode Of House

watch every episode of house
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"Every time I look at you; every time I see it's true You make my heart jump and you make it hard to breathe; you put millions of butterflies in my tummy!" Hopefully I'll get out of this inconsistent funk once school starts up again. I'm looking forward to the end of march because I'm going to Gettysburg with my friend Sam and also there's a show going on at this gallery near me, and one of my photos is going to be in it :] Off to have a House mini marathon. I love that show. Anybody know if its on a demand channel or something? I've just been watching it off of Hulu, and I want to watch it from the beginning but I can't find the episodes anywhere, and I don't really want to buy the box sets cause they're kinda expensive. Also, thanks to the nearest Blockbuster to me closing [The SECOND closest, but the first one closed a couple years ago], I now have to travel farther than I ever have before to get movies and stuff. Meh :[ Oh well, I suppose life goes on. On a happier note, I think my favorite [besides House of course] is Dr. Wilson. He's adorable with all his attempts at love. lmao, If any of you guys watch house, who's your favorite? :]
House Splash
House Splash
For fans of House, you must understand :) This is to pay tribute to The No. 1 TV show on my personal list - House!!! Every time when I see he playing with this ball, I know he's going to solve the puzzle and save the patient's life. It's like throwing a small stone in the lake, SPLASHing the waves of wisdom. LOL On the back of this mug are some famous lines of House when he is diagnosing: "Everybody lies" "Guilt is irrelevant" "Normal's not normal" "Why doesn't matter" "It's never Lupus" Haha, hope you enjoy. For those who haven't watched any episode of House, try some and you will love it.

watch every episode of house
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